The school principal who sacrificed her life to save her students.

Susan Jordan saw that her students were in danger, and her actions saved their lives.

Jordan had been Principal of Amy Beverland Elementary School in the US state ofIndianapolis for 22 years.

When an out of control bus careened off the road outside the school on Tuesday, her instinct was to protect her students.

She quickly moved to push students out of the way before being struck by the bus herself, and tragically killed, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Two ten-year-old students were also hit by the vehicle, and taken to hospital. According to the Indianapolis Star, the 25 students who were on board the bus at the time remained unharmed.

Shawn A. Smith, superintendent of the Lawrence Township Schools in Indiana, told attendees of a news conference held at the school,”Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a legend.”

“She never missed a day of work,” he said. “Just a phenomenal individual that truly cared about children. This is just a tragic situation that we have.”

The accident took place at approximately 2:45pm, just when students were being let out of school. Jordan was walking them to the bus. The vehicle passed its most recent inspections, and the driver told fire fighters she did not know why it lurched forward. In accordance with standard procedure, she submitted to a blood test. Investigations into the cause of the accident are continuing.

Indianapolis Fire Department spokeswoman, Rita Reith, told CNN. “They [the students] just loved her.”

“Up to the minute she was alive,” Reith said, “she was helping the kids.”

In her time as principal of Amy Beverland, Jordan helped the school achieve its Four-Star rating from the Indiana Department of Education, SMH reports.

She was clearly loved and appreciated by students and colleagues alike, as can be seen in this touching appreciation video posted on the school’s YouTube channel in May, 2015.

“She always brings a positive spirit to Amy Beverland,” said a fellow teacher. “One thing I know makes her a great leader is that she always trusts in her teachers, and she’s always positively supporting us.” Another colleague said, “I’m sure that I have never had and will never have a boss who is as supportive as she is.”

“We love you, Mrs. Jordan!” the video concluded. “Amy Beverland really is the sunshine after the rainbow. Thank you for your many years of leadership!”

All classes were cancelled on Wednesday and students are being offered emotional support services.