How to win over #NoWomanEver. It's easier than you think.

A growing number of women are using the trending hashtag #nowomanever as a way to fight back against sexual harassment.

The hashtag riffs off the already established joke of saying a sarcastic phrase like: “women love to be harassed” before adding “said no one ever”.

The trend began with user @ImJustCeej, a 37-year-old woman from Atlanta, who used it as a way to shame her harasser.

The original tweet said: “He blocked me from walking to the register when I was ignoring him in CVS and we been together since that day!” – no woman ever,” she said.

CJ. Source: Twitter.

The hashtag has since gone viral as hundreds of women are tweeting their experiences as a way to hit back at abusers.

The tweets are mostly light but many incorporate heavier themes that speak to the darker reality that women often face.

The original tweeter, CJ, told Buzzfeed that in light of her feminist presence on the platform, men began sending tweets that said things like: “If we don’t approach you guys on the street, how are we supposed to meet?”

“It just really made me feel like we’ve had this conversation so many times, they should know to either leave people alone or not engage in the conversation,” she said.

The 37-year-old said after viewing the effect these conversations had on younger women and those within the black community, she was inspired to start the hashtag as a way to dispel the tension.

“I was honestly trying to lighten things up a little bit,” she said.

“I thought the snark and sarcasm behind it would change the energy behind the timeline.”

Twitter can be a place of empowerment for women but it is often a breeding grounds for the opposite. Watch as some of our favourite women fight back.