The Royal Wedding: photos & thoughts

Are you watching the wedding?

How are you celebrating? With your family? Friends? At a regal Royal Wedding party?

Check out our gallery of royal fashion and keep up with the Mamamia Royal Wedding tweets #mmrw

Now, to the  photos:


UPDATE: Oh, it was beautiful. I watched with my daughter. We wore tiaras and ate ice cream and pink cupcakes. I was about 8 when Diana married Charles all those years ago and I remember trying to stay awake waiting to see the kiss….

Some thoughts:

1. I couldn’t stop thinking about Diana tonight. She was everywhere. And I was just so sad that she never got to see her big boy marry his princess….

2. I adored watching William and Harry together in the car on the way to Westminster Abbey. And watching them walk into the church….again, I couldn’t help thinking about the last time we all watched them do that. Behind their mother’s coffin.

3. The joy – how BEAMING did Kate and William look! And so equal standing up at the alter. So in love. So….confident and sure of what they were doing. And like such a team.

4. Some interesting tweets came through from Jemima Khan who was a close friend of Diana. She said that she wished Camilla had not ‘stood in’ for the groom’s mother when signing the registry. She wishes nobody had done so. “I miss my friend Diana today” she tweeted.

5. The Dress – perfect. PERFECT.

6. Pippa – what a hottie. And next to Harry! I got all excited by the thought of another royal wedding, 2013 perhaps? I bet they do it after the reception.

Princess Beatrice’s hat. See more takes on her hat in the gallery

7. WHAT’S WITH ALL THE STUPID HATS? Look, hats are always something I find difficult to understand. But it seems like all the women were wearing these ridiculous things ON THEIR FOREHEADS. Did I miss the memo that said you now wear your hat ON YOUR FACE? Beatrice and Eugenie? Please. (There is now a Twitter dedicated to Beatrice’s hat, you can find it here)

8. Bummed that there was no kiss in the church? How odd. My daughter became obsessed with this. “But Mum, they didn’t even have a PECK! That means they’re not MARRIED YET.” I share her frustration. What a strange tradition. Is it a royal thing or a Church of England thing?

9. Did you notice how Kate kept looking down every time William saluted when they were going back to the palace? Obviously some kind of protocol. Made me think about her new life and how much there must now be to remember…..

10. I couldn’t help but feel a wee bit fearful as I felt our collective excitement. We’re not going to want this to end. We’re going to want more more more of Kate. And that didn’t turn out so well last time. I hope so much that this time will be different…..

Where did you watch the wedding and WHAT DID YOU THINK?

And here is a great video of a priest having a bit of fun at the wedding..

[youtube BZDfelPLfX8 640 390]