The "creepiest movie trailer of all time" has just been released. Cover your eyes.

Apparently there aren’t enough things in the world to keep us up at night, too terrified to fall asleep.

Because a Japenese production company has just dropped the trailer to ‘The Ring Vs. The Grudge’ which looks like one of the most terrifying films we will no doubt see this year.

Triters Kôji Suzuki and Takashi Shimizu, who wrote The Ring and The Grudge respectively, have teamed up to make the giant, nightmare-inducing, terror-inciting flick because they do not respect your desire to sleep or feel safe in your own home/local cinema.

Although at the present moment the trailer hasn’t been adapted for English audience, thrillers seem to communicate in a more universal language.

Directed by Kôji Shiraishi, the film hits Japanese theaters on June 18 but there is no word yet on any American re-make.

Watch at your own peril.

Or, alternatively, you could just watch it on mute like I did to minimise all pain.