Nine drawings that capture new motherhood to a tee.

It’s more like a comedy sketch.

Guys, remember that time in your life when you could go to sleep when you wanted, wake up when you wanted, sleep in (remember what that word means)?


Then you brought kids in to the world and your life has never been the same again (assuming you’re like us). But don’t worry we are all feeling the same way, and a very talented sketcher – Lucy Scott – has captured the realities of motherhood perfectly in her sketch series called Doodle Diary of a New Mom.

Get ready to hold your tummies because when we found these on Redbookmag we couldn’t stop laughing. You’re going to be in happy tears by the end.

SCROLL THROUGH to see the hilarious doodles that portray the realities of being a mum… And share hat were your biggest struggles when you became a new parent.

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