The real (REAL) housewives of Sydney revealed.

Word on the street, is that The Real Housewives of Sydney is set to hit our screens.

Have to say, I’m a little surprised that I have not been called yet. Wouldn’t that make for a riveting show? Wouldn’t that see you all rushing to your remote controls to hit series record?

Let’s see…

Is this a scene from the show? Or just Anna's kids on the harbour? Tune in to find out. image supplied

Here are some choice grabs for Episodes  1 – 10.

  1. The choice no mother should have to make. Which Priceline concealer will be thick enough to hide the effects of Anna’s night on the tiles? Bathroom tiles that is, as the early morning hours are spent rubbing the back of her 4 year old as gastro takes its course.
  2. Anna is transfixed with horror as she witnesses the latest price rise of nappies. Which brand will hear her gasp with shock? Which chain will knock a few bucks off in order to stretch that weekly budget a little further?
  3. In a dramatic heart stopping rescue, see Anna grab the toddler one handed as she plunges head first down the playground slide. Watch as she manages to save the takeaway coffee clutched tightly in the other hand without spilling a drop.
  4. Anna’s steamy affair intensifies. Who will she choose? The ever reliable Cadbury chocolate Easter egg or the exotic ‘fly in fly out’ Red Tulip Big Bunny? Or will she continue this sultry deception by continuing to see both of them? Watch as the Easter Sunday deadline looms.
  5. The juggling act continues for this Real Housewife. Is she spreading herself too thin as she continues the battle to give her all to her children, her husband and her work? Can she continue to be everything for everyone or will the mask slip, revealing the truth; that she is just making it all up as she goes along?

    Is she spreading herself too thin as she continues the battle to give her all to her children, her husband and her work? image supplied
  6. The piercing scream reverberates off every wall through the apartment. The dreaded call she has been waiting for all morning. “Mum....come and wipe my bottom!”
  7. In a dramatic makeover, Anna defies the call of Botox; instead focusing all her energies on analysing which brand of supermarket hair dye is the easiest to apply at home. Which brand really will cover those grey roots, yet still manage to look natural?
  8. The rumours continue to escalate out of control at Mother’s Group, as it is revealed one mum had an elective caesarean, another chose to formula feed her baby from birth, and yet another mum shoved a fallen dummy back into her child’s mouth without sterilising it. Rare footage of this last incident has come to light, but warning; this visual may shock some viewers.
  9. The time is ticking, as Anna attempts to find a parking space, in order to make the dentist appointment on time. Will her normal strategy of, “Hail Mary full of grace, let me find a parking space,” get her out of trouble this time?

    Anna Brophy, a really real housewife of Sydney. image supplied.
  10. Emotions spill over between old friends as they argue the weight loss benefits of sparkling V’s chardonnay. Or will they reach harmonious ground and just  agree on a vodka and soda?

Stay tuned as the real housewives continue facing turbulent times...

Just how much carrot and zucchini can they hide in their Bolognese sauce?

A heated argument brews as the married couple again dispute whose turn it is to bring out the rubbish?

And of course, no show is complete without the frantic scheduling of social events, ranging from birthday parties to swimming classes.

This is the real me.

This is my life.

So to the producers of #realhousewivesofsydney, I am totally prepared to slap on the fake tan and throw some bling on.

Have your people call my people.

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