The Project's awkward on-air blunder that accidentally spruiked a rival network's show.

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Oh. Oh dear.

Poor old Hamish MacDonald got a wee bit flustered on The Project tonight, accidentally giving a mention to a dating show due to air on Channel Nine and not, ah, the one the entire segment was about.

It went like this: As MacDonald introduced former Bachelor in Paradise stars Leah and Eden on the show, he… stumbled, in rather brilliant fashion.

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“A dramatic night in paradise when not one but two residents walked out of those weird door things giving up on Love Island all together… and they gave up on love, rather,” he said.

Blink. You’ll almost miss it.

Love Island. LOVE ISLAND. “They gave up on LOVE ISLAND!!!!!” he said.

Tehe. Love Island, obviously, is the dating show due to air on rival network Channel Nine. Bachelor In Paradise, instead, is the show with a remarkably similar premise that airs on Channel 10. Also known as the network that airs The Project. Also known as the network that would’ve asked for this interview to go ahead.

What a brilliant blunder. We demand more of them.

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