The infomercial that has everyone in stitches. (And not because the product is called Hot Buns).

Morning show hosts in America could barely hold themselves together when they discovered a hair styling tool bore a strong resemblance to a certain part of male genitalia.

The segment began innocently enough, the host introduced the product and the panel of ladies leaned forward, ready for their grooming miracle.

The hair styling product, Hot Buns – no, we’re not at the joke yet – was pulled from its small box and placed on the table.

And then everyone lost it.

the perfect bun
Source: wzzm13.

“It’s a pretty good size,” the host says, her face growing red as she appears unable to look at the product she’s demonstrating.

“And then,” she says, between stifled laughter, “it just wraps up in your hair.”

The host continues to make desperate eye contact with the others at the panel before she dives to the side, snorting as she does so.


“Good heavens.” Another host says.

“Put that away.”

However, the host who was holding the product is unable to do anything other than shake in uncontrollable laughter.

the perfect bun
Source: wzzm13.

Finally, a third host grabs the item and throws it into a nearby bowl, shouting in a tone that is half shrill and all thrill, “Oh my heavens!”

After the laughter dies down and the hosts scramble to continue the segment, one asks the question that’s on everyone’s lips.

“Was that planned?”

If it was, I have my Oscar nomination for best actress.