The outrageous Today Show pay gap.

It’s 2016. But you wouldn’t know it looking at the difference in pay between the hosts of The Today Show.

A report by The Australian this morning revealed that Karl Stefanovic earns 2.5 times the salary of his female co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

While the exact details of Stevanovic’s contract are unconfirmed, the paper believes he rakes in roughly $2.5million annually, compared to $1million pay cheque Wilkinson agreed to in January.

You can watch Wilkinson tell Bill Shorten to check himself for “dinosaur” views on women and childcare below. Post continues after video. 

Video via Channel 9

Stefanovic’s three-year deal, which was signed in December last year, also reportedly includes an additional $500,000 should the programme meet its rating targets during that period.

Further highlighting the thickness of the host’s pay packet, The Australian also noted that the head of the Nine Network, CEO Hugh Marks, only earns $1.4million.

A spokesperson for Channel Nine said they had no comment on the report.

The newspaper report comes as Wilkinson launched a blistering attack on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten about sexism.

In a strongly worded editorial, The Today Show host urged Shorten to  “take a look in the mirror” after comments he made following his $3 billion childcare package in which he said men “rely on women in Australia to do the childcare and to organise the childcare.”

“When Bill Shorten describes women as having the second job, that men ‘rely on women to take care of all things when it comes to looking after the kids’, in other words so men can get on with doing all the important stuff, isn’t he simply entrenching a stereotype of women as second class citizens?” Wilkinson said.

“Isn’t parenting about sharing responsibilities? And isn’t it confirming the outdated belief that women should always be in charge of the unpaid work and therefore giving any men who still do, permission to keep thinking that way … isn’t that like so last century?