Just 14 of the most ridiculously funny storylines to ever play out on The Office.


Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Office. Proceed with caution. 

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, two very distinct types of people have emerged.

There are the people who are watching movies about viruses and pandemics, like Contagion and World War Z. (If this is you, we have so many questions. Just… why?)

And then there are the people who are taking comfort in watching the ultimate feel-good movies and TV shows.

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Whether you’re in self-isolation mode, working from home, or simply trying to find a break from the news cycle, a lot of us are turning to screen time right now.

And while it’s a pretty good time to start a brand new series, we all know that we’re probably just going to return to our old favourites.

Yep, it’s time to watch The Office for the 564th time in a row.

In case you’ve never seen it, The Office is a mockumentary series which follows the daily lives of the employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The series also stars a bunch of hilarious actors including Steve Carell, John Krasinski (!!!), Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and Ed Helms.

In celebration of the show’s 15 year anniversary (and the fact that we strongly suggest binge-watching it all over again), we decided to take a look back at the 14 funniest moments from The Office.


You can thank us later.

When Michael declared bankruptcy. 

When Creed advised Michael to declare bankruptcy, Michael responded by literally walking around the office and shouting, “I declare bankruptcy!” Yep, Michael actually thought that was all he needed to do to declare bankruptcy.

“I just wanted you to know that you can’t say bankruptcy and expect anything to happen,” Oscar told Michael.

“I didn’t say it, I declared it,” he responded.


When Pam recalled her aunt’s heartbreaking story.

In season three, Michael insisted on some office group therapy. When asked to share her story, Pam recalled the heartbreaking story of her aunt, which coincidentally followed the plot of Hilary Swank’s character in Million Dollar Baby.

When Kevin dropped his chilli on the ground.

After staying up all night to make his famous chilli, the ever-clumsy Kevin dropped the entire pot on the ground.


When Michael… didn’t realise who Lady Gaga was.

This scene is ICONIC.

After returning to the office in a red convertible while blasting Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’, Michael announced: “It’s Britney, bitch”.

He then tried (and quickly failed) to reverse park in a huge parking space.



When Kelly got a Valentine’s Day card.

When Kelly got a special Valentine’s Day card, she was understandably pretty excited.

Until… she realised who it was from.

“So I’ve received my first Valentine from a secret admirer,” Kelly said.

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. It’s time for your dental cleaning. And maybe a check-up too.”

When Michael becomes Prison Mike.

After learning that employee Martin was a former criminal, Michael becomes annoyed when the staff at Dunder Mifflin point out that prison sounds better than their workplace.

After sending his staff for “outside time” in the cold, Michael called a meeting in which he adopted the purple bandana-wearing persona of ‘Prison Mike’.

“The worst thing about prison was – was the Dementors,” Prison Mike said.


When Dwight didn’t know who Justin Bieber was.

Sometimes… Dwight was a little clueless.

“Who is Justice Beaver,” Dwight asked Jim.

“He… it’s a crime-fighting beaver,” Jim responded.

When Jim impersonated Dwight.

Donning a yellow button-up shirt and glasses, Jim perfectly impersonated Dwight.

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica,” Jim said as Dwight.




When Jim found Michael eating ‘ice cream’ for breakfast.

One morning in the office, Jim found Michael eating what he thought was ice cream for breakfast.

“It’s never too early for ice cream, Jim,” Michael said, defending himself.

“But we didn’t have any ice cream so this is mayonnaise and black olives.”


When Michael grilled his own foot.

In this season two episode, Michael… grills his own foot.

“Most nights before I go to bed, I will lay six strips of bacon out on my George Foreman Grill. Then I go to sleep. When I wake up, I plug in the grill and I go back to sleep again. Then I wake up to the smell of crackling bacon,” Michael explained.

In this case, however, Michael’s foot ended up on the George Foreman grill.

In a state of distress, Michael calls the office for help. But when Dwight comes to “rescue” Michael, he ends up crashing his car into a pole, leading him to develop a concussion which makes him more likable among his colleagues.

It’s… a lot.

The entire Parkour sequence.

In one episode of the series, the cold open sees Michael, Dwight and Andy running throughout the office and climbing on desks in an attempt to emulate parkour, while shouting: “PARKOUR”.

It’s a cinematic masterpiece.



When Michael drove into an actual lake after his GPS told him to.

Ah, yes. Michael is essentially all of us blindly listening to the instructions of his GPS.

Even after Dwight pointed out that Michael was about to drive into an actual lake, Michael decided to keep following the GPS’ directions anyway.

Just all of the brilliant facial expressions.

There are SO MANY.





The CPR training session.

After Stanley suffers a heart attack, Michael organises a CPR training session for the employees.

As expected, however, the session doesn’t exactly go well.

In the end, after a joint session of singing the Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’, Dwight destroys the expensive CPR dummy by literally cutting its face off.


Every episode of The Office (US) is available to watch on Stan now. Happy binge-watching!

Feature Image: Stan.

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