"I've decided I'm going to become a pilot."

This post was originally shared by The Nutrition Guru and The Chef Facebook page and has been republished with permission.

I’ve decided that I’m going to become a pilot.

I’m not going to do a course or anything, maybe eventually I’ll do an online course but for now I will spend many hours researching – watch some YouTube clips and read piloting blogs.

I’ve been on a plane quite a few times and so I have a pretty good handle on the best way to fly a plane.

I’ve got this new idea of how to fly a plane too, no one has ever done it before the way I want to do it, but that’s why it’s going to be really great, because all the pilots you’ve ever flown with have been doing it wrong anyway.

They’re only out to make money off you and they’re paid off by the big corporations. They also just get stuck in their own ways of what they were taught at pilot school and aren’t courageous enough to try new life-threatening techniques that haven’t been tested out before.

See? Pilot.

Your life will be in my hands, but it’s okay, because I won’t hold a qualification… meaning I can’t be sued if anything goes wrong when I’m flying the plane, because I won’t be an actual real pilot.

And then, when I’ve flown my plane and done a triple quadruple somersault and landed at 200km an hour using no brakes, without dying, I’ll write a best-selling book about it and inform everyone that my way is the ONLY way and I’m living PROOF that it is safe and effective.

Now… Does this sound familiar at all?

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