The most dangerous pieces of baby equipment have been named.

It’s not long before babies learn to roll and walk and climb, a constant bundle of adorable movement, always seconds from disaster.

And now a new report has confirmed that these behaviours coupled with the most common pieces of nursery equipment can put little ones in danger, with prams, high chairs and baby carriers being identified as the most common items involved in paediatric injury incidents in the U.S.

The results – reported in CNN Health – also stress the potential dangers of change tables, strollers, bouncers and cots.

The two-decade-long study looked at hospital data between 1991 and 2001 and found 80 per cent of paediatric injuries during that time were the result of a fall from nursery equipment.

In an effort to kerb the number of paediatric injuries, researchers at the Centre for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital examined a number of contributing factors including product manufacturing issues and the efficiency of product recalls, which they stated needed improvement.

The data identified baby carriers as the item most commonly involved in injuries followed by cots and mattresses, then prams and walkers coming in forth.

Prams are one of the leading causes of pediatric injuries in Australia and in the U.S. Image: iStock

This study follows research from Monash University released in 2015 identifying prams as being the biggest culprit when it came to injuries to Victorian babies and toddlers.

Pram incident injuries were normally due to a pram or stroller rolling away or a fall.

The Australian study also found that 400 babies were hurt as a result of cots and cribs over a three year period, followed by 337 due to change table incidents.

Parents can monitor product recalls through the Product Safety Australia (PSA) website.

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