A Broadway musical version of The Notebook is coming to break our hearts all over again.

Just when we thought we were over the heartbreak of The Notebook, they hit us with some news.

The Notebook is coming to the stage.

In an announcement earlier today, author of the 1996 bestselling book Nicholas Sparks confirmed that the classic story is on its way to becoming an actual Broadway musical.

“Thrilled to work with everyone on bringing this to stage,” the author wrote.

According to Sparks’ tweet, the Broadway adaptation will be written by This Is Us producer Bekah Brunstetter.

The stage production will be produced by Kevin McCollum and Kurt Deutsch in collaboration with author Sparks.

On Thursday, American singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson told NBC’s Today show that she has been writing music and lyrics for the musical for more than a year.

“When I was approached about working on The Notebook, I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom and cry and come back into the meeting,” Michaelson said in a statement to media.

“I have loved the movie and the story for so many years now that the idea of turning it into a musical overwhelmed me,” she continued.


“The story sings to me so perfectly. I actually started writing that very night of the first meeting, before I even had the job!

“I cannot wait for the world to hear these characters come to life in a musical way.”

Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel became an instant hit when it was turned into a film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 2004.

The film follows a couple who fall in love, before parting ways and reconnecting much later in life.

Shortly after its release, the movie’s main stars began dating.

Gosling and McAdams famously dated from 2005 to 2007.

Since it burst into our consciousness  over a decade ago, the film has gained icon status – so it’s no surprise it’s been picked for Broadway.

At this stage, it’s currently not clear when the musical will hit New York theatres.

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