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Experts have named the nine most common (and damaging) secrets humans keep.

Every human being walking this earth has a secret.

Big or small, trivial or life-altering, we would confidently bet a solid $50 on the fact that you, friend, are hiding one uncomfortable truth you probably shouldn’t be keeping to yourself. Minimum.

If you don’t believe us, believe science because two studies conducted by Columbia University have proven 96 per cent of us are keeping secrets crammed in the deep, dark depths of our horrible souls.

The research, which identified 38 common secrets in total, lists the nine most popular secrets people have at the top of their list.

Bottling up said secrets was also found to be really bad for both your health and career.

“Along with a diminished sense of well-being and physical health consequences, keeping secrets can also shift a person’s focus from the task at hand to their secrets, which clearly can have a detrimental effect on task performance,” says Malia Mason, co-author of the study.

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It makes sense, especially considering the study also highlights how people unnecessarily thought about their secret twice as much as any regular thought.

As for the nine most common secrets going around? Take a look for yourself:

  • Hurting another person, emotionally or physically
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Having a habit or addiction not involving drugs
  • Stealing something from someone or some place
  • Engaging in something illegal, other than drugs or stealing
  • Physically harming yourself
  • Having an abortion
  • Having a traumatic experience (other than the above)
  • Having lied to someone

Now we know we’re all as deceitful as each other (and it’s not doing any of us any good), this might just be the kick we need to finally come clean. Or not.


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