The Money Diaries: this is what one social Sydney office worker spends in a week.

Mamamia’s Money Diaries asks Australians to record a week in their financial lives. Kind of like a sex diary but with money. So not like a sex diary at all. We still find out the best kept secrets though. We discover what women are really spending their hard-earned cash on. Nothing is too outrageous or too sacred. This week a 28-year-old office worker tells all.

Industry: Human Resources

Age: 28

Salary: $60,000

Housing: Renting with my husband

Regular expenses: Monthly (my share)

  • Rent : $1000
  • Car Repayment: $350
  • Car Insurance: $90
  • Gym: $220 (F45)
  • Health Insurance: $105
  • Charity: $50
  • Wifi: $55
  • Entertainment (Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, Apple music): $120
  • Mobile Phone: $110
  • Opal Card: $150

Savings: A novel thought.

Debt: HECS debt approx. $10,000.

Assets: None, just savings.

Are millennials really spending all their money on smashed avo toast instead of saving to buy a home? And do they even want a mortgage? Listen.

Monday: Day One

5:00am – Wake up and go to the Gym (F45) which sets me back $55 a week. It initially seemed expensive until I became one of those people I use to hate, the ones that start their sentences with, I just LOVE working out. F45 got me hooked and therefore it seems more cost effective to spend more on a gym membership I will actually use, rather than paying for a gym I will never set foot in.

8:30am – My husband did the grocery shopping on Sunday (hooray!) so this morning I am eating two boiled eggs and avocado on toast. Technically this didn’t cost me anything because I didn’t *pay* for the groceries, even though we share money (we still have separate accounts).

12pm – For lunch I eat a salad I prepared last night – Turkey, Chickpeas, Avocado, etc.

12:20pm  I realise I am still starving so I go downstairs and spend $5.50 on a Vietnamese chicken roll. Aware this defeats the purpose of bringing my lunch, but at least I am too full for afternoon tea.

1pm – Life admin – Was holding out for payday to order baby shower invitations for my sister, thank you cards for my wedding and a first birthday present for a party this Sunday. Decide to buy my unborn nephew some cute beanies and puffer vests (they’re on sale!), and throw in two pairs of gym tights. Total cost: $180

7pm – It’s at least 38 degrees and it seems inhumane for either one of us to cook, so I decide to give ourselves a night off – despite the fact we have a fridge full of food that will most likely go to waste.  Splash out and spent $60 on sushi delivery. Because #treatyoselfgirl

10pm – Read Big Little Lies in one sitting last week so decide I MUST read Liane Moriarty’s entire collection. Start with The Hypnotist’s Love Story, $9.99 on Kindle.

Daily Spend: $255.49

Tuesday – Day Two

I skip the gym this morning as I need to take a family member to the hospital. We decide to head to a cafe while we wait. I order protein pancakes and a cappuccino. Delicious. Worth the $20 it is going to cost me. Except, no split bills and I have no cash. Despite offers from my (80 year old) Nana and (pregnant) younger sister, I decide they deserve a meal on me. Total Cost : $62.

the money diaries
There were no split bills (Image via iStock)

Lunch - Leftover salad from the day before. Add two boiled eggs to avoid being ravenous and needing a second lunch #winning.

After lunch I decide to go to the supermarket to take advantage of my day off and end up spending $78. Kitty Litter, bread, more avocado, lemons and the rest on cleaning products. Why do these things always run out at once?

Daily Spend: $140

Wednesday - Day Three

5:00am - 5:00pm - Head to the gym and then have boiled eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast and tuna and sweet potato for lunch.

Ruin my diet and budget by heading to the convenience store at 3:30pm to buy a Twix and a wedding card for this weekend. Total cost $11.95.

7:00pm - dinner with my family, spent $45 on two glasses of red wine and a Lamb and Haloumi burger.

Daily spend: $57.95

Thursday - Day Four

5:00am - Gym, eggs & avo on toast.

Realise I have no shoes to wear to my friend's wedding on the weekend so reluctantly logon to The Iconic. Buy four pairs of shoes, because they’re on sale. To add further to my shopping guilt, accidentally used my husband's paypal, so he messaged me asking if it was fraud, or if I actually spent $257 at The Iconic. Affirmative.

12:30pm - Going out for lunch today, bought a delicious chicken wrap and fresh juice. Total cost $15.


Dinner - Home cooked meal. Delicious and free

Daily Spend: $272

Friday - Day Five

I buy my breakfast and lunch today because - TGIF. Total cost $22.

money when married
"Lucky I can return three pairs of shoes." (Image via iStock)

Shoes from The Iconic arrive and I realise I only like one pair of shoes. Hooray!

Will return them next week and get a $207 refund.

Daily spend + $185

Saturday - Day Six

Today I have a wedding to attend, so I spend $50 on a blowdry, which lasts all of 3 hours thanks to the 40 degree heat.

I head to Westfield to use my $50 Christmas voucher at Napoleon as I have ran out of powder and foundation. Get my makeup done for a spend of $95 worth of redeemable products. Get talked into buying a lip liner and lashes for a total cost of $195. Thank god for the voucher.

Head to the ATM to withdraw my contribution for the wishing well - $200.

In my efforts to stay in air conditioning, I spend a further $65 on drinks before and after the ceremony. This heat is costing me more than I thought.

A very generous friend drives us home so we avoid the cost of a $90 Uber home.

Daily Spend: $460

Sunday - Day Seven

Head to a 1st birthday party and enjoy a barbeque and beverages. I then head to my dad's house for a swim. I did not spend a cent

Daily Spend - $0!

Total Weekly Spend: $1000