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The easiest way to spot a douchebag? They're wearing these t-shirts.

Meninism is a movement for whiny, insecure men who can’t handle feminism. There. I’ve said it.

But let’s rewind… like many things on the internet, the meninism movement started as a ‘joke’ and a hashtag.

It started as a joke…

No, we’re not ok with this sexist beer cafe ad.

But like many things on the internet, it was soon hijacked by morons.

This guy is a scholar and a gentleman.

Now, it is an anti-feminism, men’s right movement. And they have their own t-shirts and everything.

Exhibit A:

Wow. Ok.

Exhibit B:

Good luck with the ladies.

Of course, this is a free society and people can wear whatever stupid item of clothing they want.

The masturbation tissues the world probably didn’t need.

But we’re guessing no female will ever want to talk to these idiots ever again.

What do you think of the t-shirts, and the meninism movement?

NOT OK: If you work for this company, you’ve got to be pretty.

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