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We have precisely 3 questions about The Masked Singer Australia finale.

For one month now, Australians have sat on the edges of their couches every Monday and Tuesday night trying to guess the identities of furry animals singing for a puzzled Lindsay Lohan.

The Masked Singer Australia has brought highlights such as the time Lohan proposed that multi-Grammy-award winning artist Bruno Mars was currently in Australia pretending to be a howling Wolf. He’s just not.

On Monday night though, the madness all comes to an end.

The grand finale is between the Wolf (*cough* Rob Mills), Monster (hello, Gorgi Coghlan) and Robot (yep, Cody Simpson).

Watch: The Monster performs ‘All By Myself’ on The Masked Singer Australia. Post continues after video. 

Video by Channel 10

And while we eagerly await their reveals and final battle, we have questions currently unexplained by Channel 10. And they’re important.


How do they decide the winner?

There have been whispers the show is rigged to ensure the most famous identities are unveiled last and NO Osher say it isn’t so. 

It’s not exactly surprising, though, with the voting system being rather dubious. The judges use an app, just like the sit-in crowd, to vote for their favourite furry animal.

Which is discombobulating in and of itself, because shouldn’t their role as judges mean their opinion is given more significance than Uncle Bob back there?

Surely when it comes to crowning a furry animal with the coveted title of The Masked Singer Australia, their voting will be more… legitimate? Clarity would be nice.

lindsay lohan the masked singer 2019
The judges seemingly have little say in who wins. And that's confusing. Image: Channel 10.

Also, what does the winner... get?

On Australia's Got Talent, the winner receives $100,000. On The Voice Australia, the winner receives $100,000 cash and a recording contract with EMI Music.

Sometimes, when celebrities are involved, a specified amount of money will be donated to their favourite charity.

But at this point, it would appear the winner of The Masked Singer Australia will be getting a high-five from a confused Lindsay Lohan and, if they're lucky, a rose from Osher Gunsberg.

Talk about incentive!

Answers, Channel 10, please.

Most importantly, when is this show returning?

Who would have thought that what Australia needs right now is minor celebrities pretending to be lobsters singing well-known songs to a panel of people.

None of us know why, but The Masked Singer has maintained an average of over a million viewers each night, winning ratings and our hearts.

Sooo, whilst we all enjoy pretending like we don't love it, we are absolutely obsessed and would love to know the precise date of when it will be returning.

Because this is what we need in our life right now. More dancing prawns and Lindsay Lohan, please.

The Masked Singer Australia finale will air Monday night on Channel 10 at 7:30pm.

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