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All the clues you may have missed in episode eight of The Masked Singer Australia.

We’ve unmasked a Unicorn and a Spider and we are secretly smug.

When the fabulous Deni Hines and Paulini hair flicked their way out from under those giant costume heads we knew we had this show cracked. All of this clue writing has been paying off.

We see you Cody Simpson, Rob Mills and Gorgi Coghlan. Mark our words.

Here’s the unmasking of Unicorn. Post continues after video. 

Video by Ten

This clue list is getting next level long, so here’s the latest nuggets for you to chew on ahead of next week.


Robots “don’t make mistakes,” they never tire or go to bed. From a young age Robot has been chasing a dream, and it was head down following the straight and narrow path laid out by others all heading the same way.

Robot never forgets “that the family that plays together stays together”.

Robot sang Jolene by Dolly Parton and Nothing Breaks Like A Heart by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.

Robot is a competitor – it’s how he grew up. He loves winning at what ever he is doing. He wants to be the best not just the “best he can be.” He wants to win.

robot masked singer
Robot gave a song lyric clue, "best he can be" and Lindsay immediately changed her guess to Cody Simpson. Image: Ten.

Here are all of Robot's previous clues:

  • 182.2cm tall.
  • Created in the digital age.
  • He's a surfer and cares for the environment (we've seen numerous clues of him picking up pollution and hugging globes).
  • He grew up surrounded by gold.
  • As a young Robot, his favourite animal was a butterfly but now he prefers things that go "tweet".
  • Robot loves all the oceans and doesn't like heavy metal but bubblegum pop "grinds in his gears".
  • He has spent time with MC Hammer.
  • We saw him holding a guitar with stickers for USA, Florida and Hawaii on the side and then we see a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs next to a babushka doll.
  • Robot was privileged growing up and was surrounded by those who shared his passion. But he doesn’t always take the straight and narrow route (here we see his security guards doing the can-can).
  • Robot's personal clues were swimming medals and trophies which he "won the first time he made a splash."
  • Like many young robots he left his factory and headed east like a "moth to a flame" but soon realised others were controlling his programming and he was starting to feel a "bit like a clone".
  • Some years ago Robot was honoured by a grand historian.

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Nick Carter/Cody Simpson.

Previous guesses: Usher/Joey Fatone/Aaron Carter/Psy.

Dave Hughes: Zayn Malik.

Previous guesses: Conrad Sewell/Pat Rafter/Daryl Braithwaite/Bruno Mars/Frank Ocean.

Dannii Minogue: Johnny Ruffo.

Previous guesses: Matt Corby/Timomatic/Niall Horan/Johnny Ruffo.

Jackie O: No guess.

Previous guesses: Troye Sivan/Cody Simpson/Liam Payne/Charlie Puth.

Mamamia's guess: Cody Simpson.


Wolf says he's on a charm offensive.

He says you can't always trust the face you see. He achieved success at a young age and was surrounded by extraordinary talent - and they all followed him.

Wolf sang Everybody by Backstreet Boys and told the judges he used to be the class clown, but he was always a hard worker. When his mates were out drinking he was working.

wolf masked singer
Wolf is on a "charm offensive" with the judges. Image: Ten.

Here are all of Wolf's previous clues:

  • 178cm tall.
  • Wolf is "up all night".
  • Thinks he's been constantly misjudged and underestimated.
  • Has been an apprentice many times.
  • Was known years before he was successful.
  • Is a triple threat and as a pup was keen on sport (in particular AFL).
  • He's discovered that fighting his way to the top is like "climbing a greasy pole."
  • Wolf loves being the centre of attention.
  • Wolf's face was spotted on theatre posters.
  • Wolf's personal clue was a lawnmower which is apparently how he used to make a living.
  • Success came to Wolf in an unexpected way but "always under the southern cross" and getting to where he is is a miracle like "walking on water".
  • He "feels like there's electricity in the air" but maybe it's just a stage he's going through.
  • The way Wolf looks is very important (here we see a closeup of a tradie belt).
  • He once walked 100km in 24 hours.
  • Wolf likes to roam and isn't in the same place as where he started.
  • He has been "in excess" in what he's done (which has to be a clue because that just makes no grammatical sense).

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: The wolf from the Backstreet Boys film clip.

Previous guesses: Simon Le Bon/Keith Urban/Jermaine Clement/Adam Garcia.

Dave Hughes: David Hasselhoff.


Previous guesses: Redfoo/Barry Hall/John Stevens/Jamie Durie.

Dannii Minogue: Human Nature/Rob Mills.

Previous guesses:David Hasselhoff/Andrew De Silva/Peter Andre.

Jackie O: Human Nature/Rob Mills.

Previous guesses:Rob Mills/Jason Donovan/Blair McDonough/Altiyan Childs/Hugh Sheridan.

Mamamia's guess: Rob Mills.


Monster says things aren't always the way they seem (here we see a cracked mirror and a glitchy light).

She sang Listen To Your Heart by Roxette last night and dropped the clue: Monster does a job that's "different, hard and confronting".

She's also a mum, and has one daughter.

Monster masked singer
We saw Monster in front of a cracked mirror. What does it mean??? Image: Ten.

Here are all of Monster's previous clues:

  • 164cm tall.
  • Monster is "a bit of country and a bit of glam".
  • She's a shape-shifter because it's "in her biology".
  • The number 31 is relevant to when "we first noticed her".
  • We've seen many visuals of Monster teaching in a science lab.
  • Monster spent time in the shadows away from the spotlight and Monster's life has been split between "two worlds".
  • Monster is seen carrying a sack marked with the letter 'O' on it.
  • Security guards were spotted in the background in nurses outfits.
  • In Monster's industry height isn't important but weight is.
  • Monster loves singing slow, sad songs but is a friendly monster who would offer you the fur off her back or somewhere to sleep.
  • Where she comes from, everyone’s thoughts were always about going for gold (here we see Monster leading a horse).
  • Monster prefers to hear her words drifting on the air.
  • Monster is used to solitude.
  • Monster once sang in the middle of the MCG for the AFL grand final.
  • She dreams about both horses and microphones. Her dreams have come true.
  • While most monsters come from the city, Monster is more comfortable in the bush. It's only in the city that the "outer me" emerges and Monster can tell the stories she needs to tell.
  • A visual clue is seen on a piano (lyrics to Still The One by Shania Twain) while Monster hints, "If you support me I feel like I can go all the way to the finish post".
  • Monster brought a mannequin in a mask and a leopard print outfit out on stage and explained, "I have never felt more myself than when I have acted like someone else".

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Christie Whelan Browne.

Previous guess: Virginia Gay/Lisa McCune/Christie Whelan Browne.

Jackie O: Gorgi Coghlan.

Previous guess: Billie Piper/Vanessa Amorosi/Vanessa Amorosi.

Lindsay Lohan: Cyndi Lauper.

Previous guess: Shania Twain/Sia.

Dave Hughes: Casey Chambers.

Previous guess: Ronda Rousey/Kate Ritchie/Magda Szubanski.

Mamamia's guess: Gorgi Coghlan.