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All the clues you may have missed in episode seven of The Masked Singer Australia.

I need to start this article by acknowledging that we, Mamamia, once again guessed it and therefore we win this show.

Last night Kate Ceberano was unmasked as Lion and bloody yes. Knew it.

We once again got more clues and we must be hitting like 50 clues a creature around about now.

Here’s last night’s reveal. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

We’re pretty confident in our guesses for the remaining five, but we’ve rounded up all of the things you might’ve missed so you get your own guesses in before tonight’s double unmasking.


Monster loves singing slow, sad songs but is a friendly monster who would offer you the fur off her back or somewhere to sleep.

Where she comes from, everyone’s thoughts were always about going for gold (here we see Monster leading a horse).

Monster prefers to hear her words drifting on the air and as a Monster she’s used to solitude.

Singing All By Myself by Celine Dion, Monster revealed that she once sang in the middle of the MCG for the AFL grand final.

monster masked singer
We've seen Monster a lot with horses. Image: Ten.

Last week we found out Monster dreams about both horses and microphones. Her dreams have come true.

Her voice has made waves and while most monsters come from the city, Monster is more comfortable in the bush.

It's only in the city that the "outer me" emerges and Monster can tell the stories she needs to tell.

A visual clue is seen on a piano (lyrics to Still The One by Shania Twain) while Monster hints, "If you support me I feel like I can go all the way to the finish post".

Monster brought a mannequin in a mask and a leopard print outfit out on stage and explained, "I have never felt more myself than when I have acted like someone else".

Some other clues - Monster is 164cm tall, is "a bit of country and a bit of glam," and is a "shapeshifter" because it's in her biology.

The number 31 is relevant to when "we first noticed her," and we've seen many visuals of Monster teaching in a science lab.

Monster spent time in the shadows away from the spotlight and Monster's life has been split between "two worlds".

In one shot, Monster is seen carrying a sack marked with the letter 'O' and security guards have been spotted lurking in the background in nurse outfits.

In Monster's industry, height isn't important but weight is.

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Christie Whelan Browne

Previous guess: Virginia Gay/Lisa McCune.

Jackie O: Vanessa Amorosi.

Previous guess: Billie Piper/Vanessa Amorosi.

Lindsay Lohan: Sia.

Previous guess: Shania Twain.

Dave Hughes: Magda Szubanski.

Previous guess: Ronda Rousey/Kate Ritchie.

Mamamia's guess: Gorgi Coghlan.


This Spider knows her prey pretty well, and she has done things nobody would expect - hitting the heights for an Olympic sport, and going to the heart of Hollywood.


But performing for the young has been her own PB, it was like "heaven on earth".

Spider sang Titanium by David Guetta and revealed that she can sing prayers in a Papua New Guinea dialect although she hasn't in a very long time.

Spider masked singer
Spider sang about being "bulletproof." Image: Ten.

Last week we found out Spider’s initial fame had a “golden aura" and she likes to “hang out with the girls” but sometimes she’s an individual and dreams can come true when you believe anything is possible.

Spider brought a netball out on stage and said, “I came to group work later in life but have found real happiness in a group of girls”.

Previously we also learnt Spider's been subjected to backlash and public scrutiny, is 175cm tall, is accustomed to the spotlight, is an international writer and could quite possibly be Australian (she laughed at a joke about Schapelle Corby).

Music has always been important in Spider's life and she has to "exercise muscles other people don't have to think about".

We have also been thrown some visual clues - we've seen Spider in a kitchen cooking with pictures of Jennifer Aniston and the Pope in the foreground.

We also saw a fire break out and a security guard carried from the scene as Spider said, "If you can't stand the heat call a fireman but don't burn".

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Jessie J.

Previous guesses: Jessica Mauboy/Dami Im/Willow Smith.


Jackie O: Kate Miller-Heidke.

Previous guesses: Shakira/Amy Sheppard/Paulini.

Lindsay Lohan: Mel B.

Previous guess: La Toya Jackson/Mel C.

Dave Hughes: Lisa Veronica.

Previous guess: Carrie Bickmore/Sia/Sinead O'Connor.

Mamamia's guess: Paulini.


Wolf loves being the centre of attention (here we see Wolf playing pool and then his face on what looks like theatre posters).

He said it "feels like there's electricity in the air" but maybe it's just a stage he's going through. The way Wolf looks is very important (here we see a closeup of a tradie belt) and he thinks he's the top dog in this competition.

Wolf sang Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper and told the judges he once walked 100km in 24 hours.

wolf Masked singer
Wolf played pool in his clues package. Image: Ten.

Last week Wolf told us he likes to roam and isn't in the same place as where he started. He has been "in excess" in what he's done (which has to be a clue because that just makes no grammatical sense).

He's discovered that fighting his way to the top is like "climbing a greasy pole" and his personal clue was a lawnmower which is apparently how Wolf used to make a living.

Previously we also learnt Wolf was 178cm tall, is "up all night," thinks he's constantly misjudged and underestimated and has been an apprentice a number of times.


He was known years before he was successful, is a triple threat and as a pup was keen on sport (in particular AFL).

Success came to Wolf in an unexpected way but "always under the southern cross" and getting to where he is is a miracle like "walking on water".

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Adam Garcia.

Previous guesses: Simon Le Bon/Keith Urban/Jemaine Clement.

Dave Hughes: Jamie Durie.

Previous guesses: Redfoo/Barry Hall/John Stevens.

Dannii Minogue: Peter Andre.

Previous guesses:David Hasselhoff/Andrew De Silva.

Jackie O: Hugh Sheridan.

Previous guesses:Rob Mills/Jason Donovan/Blair McDonough/Altiyan Childs

Mamamia's guess: Rob Mills.


Robots were made to make the world more wonderful for humans (seen here cuddling a globe). He loves all the oceans and doesn't like heavy metal but bubblegum pop "grinds in his gears".

Last night he sang Can't Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue and he revealed he has spent time with MC Hammer.

robot masked singer
Robot is constantly making references to ocean and surfing during his clues. Image: Ten.

Last week the first few clues for Robot were visual – we saw him holding a guitar with stickers for USA, Florida and Hawaii on the side and then we see a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs next to a babushka doll.


Robot was privileged growing up and was surrounded by those who shared his passion. But he doesn’t always take the straight and narrow route (here we see his security guards doing the can-can).

Singing I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, Robot brought a personal clue from home which he revealed at the end of his performance.

“My personal clues are swimming medals and trophies. I won them around the same time I first made a splash,” Robot explained.

Previously we learnt Robot is 182.8cm, was created in the digital age, cares about the environment, is a surfer, and "grew up surrounded by gold".

As a young Robot, his favourite animal was a butterfly but now he prefers things that go "tweet".

Like many young robots he left his factory and headed east like a "moth to a flame" but soon realised others were controlling his programming and he was starting to feel a "bit like a clone".

Some years ago Robot was honoured by a grand historian.

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Psy.

Previous guesses: Usher/Joey Fatone/Aaron Carter.

Dave Hughes: Frank Ocean.

Previous guesses: Conrad Sewell/Pat Rafter/Daryl Braithwaite/Bruno Mars.

Dannii Minogue: Johnny Ruffo.

Previous guesses: Matt Corby/Timomatic/Niall Horan.

Jackie O: Charlie Puth.

Previous guesses: Troye Sivan/Cody Simpson/Liam Payne.

Mamamia's guess: Cody Simpson.


When Unicorn first roamed the earth she travelled on the elements, and although she's not a diva, she says she stood behind the world's greatest one.

You'll find her words on a B track and she says her last dance was "years ago" (here we see Unicorn dancing under rose petals).

Singing Forget You by CeeLo Green, Unicorn told us she has a brother in Texas.

unicorn masked singer
This is not the first time Unicorn has shown us rose petals. Image: Ten.

Last week we found out Unicorn wasn't living in "our reality" instead she visits us very rarely and prefers the cover of night to "our" bright sunshine.

A visual clue was added here - Unicorn poring over a coffin. "I was young when I first decided to follow my magical path," she hinted.

An American passport was Unicorn's personal clue and it was surrounded by a British flag, Australian flag, Japanese flag and New Zealand flag. Unicorn said these are places where she has enjoyed success.

Previously we found out Unicorn is 171cm, has "bloodlines that go back through the ages," has "trotted her own path but is aware of who has come before her" and is very social.

She didn't find fame on reality TV because she doesn't believe in taking shortcuts and thinks her voice is "always in the background".

"I have been the princess but never the queen," Unicorn said during one clues package while sitting in a bathtub of red rose petals.

The judges guesses:

Dannii Minogue: Xena: Warrior Princess.

Previous guesses: Deni Hines/Mel B/ Xena: Warrior Princess.

Jackie O: Pepper from Salt-N-Pepa.

Previous guesses: Kelly Osbourne/Michelle Williams/Anastacia.

Lindsay Lohan: No guess.

Previous guesses: Chris Lilley/Mahalia Barnes/Kelly Osbourne.

Dave Hughes: Salt from Salt-N-Pepa.

Previous guesses: La Toya Jackson/Ella Hooper/Cher.

Mamamia's guess: Deni Hines.

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