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All the clues you may have missed in episode four of The Masked Singer Australia.

Here we go again – another night, another crop of mythical creatures and creepy crawlies to unmask. What a time to be alive.

Last night on The Masked Singer Australia, Rhino was revealed as Wendell Sailor, which three out of the five judges (yes, apparently we have five now) managed to guess.

So far we’ve had two sports stars, a TV host and a former child star. This show is wild.

Here’s Wendell getting unmasked. Post continues after video.

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We’ve sifted through all of the clues for you from last night’s episode.

You’re welcome.


Spider claims to be exotic and puts her pants on “four legs at a time”.

Music has always been important to Spider, with a visual clue dropped showing Spider in a kitchen, with two pictures sitting on the table – Jennifer Aniston and the Pope.

Spider is then shown working out with dumbbells stating, “I have to exercise muscles that other people don’t have to even think about. If I don’t I feel flat all day”.

The visual clues continue with a fire breaking out in the kitchen, and a security guard being carried from the scene. “If you can’t stand the heat call a fireman, but don’t burn,” Spider says in the voiceover.

Last night, Spider sang It’s a Long Way to the Top by ACDC, after last week’s showstopper Toxic by Britney Spears.

spider masked singer
Spider had an amazing voice, singing an ACDC classic.

We also found out last week that she is 175cm tall, is accustomed to the spotlight, is an international writer, and has a prominent father that taught her everything she knows.

She also revealed that she'd been subjected to public backlash in the past.

During questioning the judges worked out that Spider was Australian because she laughed at Nazeem's joke about Schapelle Corby.

Her last clue was, "We spiders are very level headed, but I famously got carried away".

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Jessica Mauboy/Dami Im

Jackie O: Shakira

Lindsay Lohan: no guess

Dave Hughes: Carrie Bickmore

Nazeem Hussain: Schapelle Corby

Mamamia's guess: Kate Miller-Heidke


Monster is a shapeshifter, it's in her "biology" - and she's been many "different things".

The number "31" popped up on the screen as a visual clue when Monster gave away the hint, "When did I become the monster you see today? When did you first notice me?"

Monster claims to be a little bit country and a little bit glam adding, "I guess never the twain shall meet".

We then see Monster in a science lab teaching a class of security guards.

"You think we just want to tear things apart to destroy them, but I want to create," she said.

Singing I Don't Know What Love Is by Foreigner, Monster's sultry voice sounds classically trained.

monster masked singer
Monster sounds like they have a classically trained voice.

Last week, Monster sang Think by Aretha Franklin and we found out that she is 164cm and has dealt with "heavy material" from a young age.

Monster has mainly spent time in the shadows, away from the spotlight, and has experience with horses. During last week's performance the backup dances were spotted wearing nurse outfits, and there was talk of maybe a political past, after Monster mentioned that in her work, people want to be "first past the post" which could be a reference to the method of voting used in Australia.

The last clue dropped last night was, "In my industry height isn't super important but weight is".

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Virginia Gay

Jackie O: Billie Piper

Lindsay Lohan: Shania Twain

Dave Hughes: Ronda Rousey

Nazeem Hussain: Ms Mulholland

Mamamia's guess: Gorgi Coghlan


Unicorn's clues package opens with her sitting in a bath of rose petals (we're thinking Bachelor vibes) where she states, "I have been the princess but never the queen".

"It seemed like my voice was always in the background," she added, possibly alluding to being a backup singer?

"But voice has always been important to me, some things are just meant to be - although the early days were rocky," Unicorn told the judges.

She also alludes to the fact that her "career highlights weren't achieved on her own".

Unicorn sang Proud Mary by Tina Turner, after last week wowing with Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

unicorn masked singer
Unicorn sang a Tina Turner song last night.

Last week we found out Unicorn was 171cm and had "bloodlines that went back through the ages," adding that while she's trotted her own path, she's always aware of those who've gone before her.

Unicorn is social, has witnessed many miracles, and ruled out under questioning from the judges that she found her fame on a reality TV show.

Her final clue last night was, "For many years what I have done has been on my own, but it wasn't always like that".

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Mel B/ Xena: Warrior Princess

Jackie O: Michelle Williams

Lindsay Lohan: Mahalia Barnes

Dave Hughes: Ella Hooper

Nazeem Hussain: Sophie Monk

Mamamia's guess: Deni Hines


Dragon's package opened in the outback, with Uluru evident in the background.

"I have roamed this country for many years, and at times I've lived outside the laws," said Dragon, while being handcuffed by a police officer.

Dragon is seen in the kitchen banging on pots and pans, before the camera closes up on a photo of a Rottweiler on a t-shirt.

Dragon's been known by other names in other cultures, and from a young age has loved to sing but that's not how he's known.

A swan is seen in the background which would be a sign Dragon is from Perth.


"I am a dragon of many strings," he said adding that he "loves raw power" as the sound of screeching cars is heard in the background.

dragon masked
Dragon is possibly from WA and has done a lot of travelling around Australia.

Dragon sang Roar by Katy Perry after last week busting out Geronimo by Sheppard.

Last week, Dragon told us he was a self confessed "brute" making several mentions of getting older with statements like, "My world is timeless and slowly changing".

He hinted at being a storyteller (we saw visuals of him reading a book) adding that he had the ability to "roast" people with fire, and make them laugh or cry.

Dragon has petrol in his veins and is 172cm tall.

"I have wins on tracks all over the country," was the final clue of the night.

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Waleed Aly

Jackie O: Ben Gillies

Lindsay Lohan: Daniel Ricciardo/James Courtney

Dave Hughes: Mark Skaife

Nazeem Hussain: Ben Cousins

Mamamia's guess: Adam Brand

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