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All the clues you may have missed in episode three of The Masked Singer Australia.

Another day, another giant creature gets unmasked on national television to reveal an Australian celebrity.

We will never get sick of describing this show. Ever.

The Masked Singer Australia continues to be the weirdest show on TV three episodes in, and despite it feeling like a weird cheese dream, we are totally living for it.

Here’s Nikki Webster being unveiled as alien last night. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

Here are all of the clues we picked up from episode three, smooched in with all of the clues we already know.


Wolf believes last week he picked a “ripper song”. If you remember he sang Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain.

His clues package starts with an admission to being “naughty” and running wild as a pup.

“I was a wolf who ran with the wolves, although I wasn’t the runt of the litter I wasn’t number one either. Near enough wasn’t near enough for me,” he told the judges.

“After missing my dream I remained unbroken, I worked harder than ever like a dog with a bone,” he added before dropping the hint that “success comes in unexpected ways but always ‘here under the southern cross’.”

Australian Idol runner up Shannon Noll has a southern cross tattoo as Jackie O and Dannii Minogue realised as the clue was dropped. Could it be him?

He then went on to say that getting to where he is now is a miracle, like “walking on water” which has to be another hint.

Wolf Masked Singer
Is Wolf Shannon Noll?

This time around Wolf sang There's Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes, and the judges couldn't quite pick up Nollsy's distinctive drawl.

They instead started to get the feeling that Wolf might be American.

To refresh your memory, last week we found out Wolf is 178cm, that he is "up all night" and as a pup was keen on sports like AFL.

He believes he's been misjudged and underestimated over the years and has been an apprentice "a couple of times".

The final clue of last night, "For as long as I can remember, I have sat by the phone waiting for the coach to call".

The judges guesses:

Dave Hughes: Redfoo

Dannii Minogue: David Hasselhoff

Jackie O: Rob Mills

Lindsay Lohan: Simon Le Bon

Mamamia's guess: Rob Mills has to be behind the Wolf mask, he's a triple threat, came to fame on Australia Idol before starring on Neighbours and was in the popular musical Into The Woods. There's also the big ol clue that is a FoxFm producer tagging Rob in a Twitter picture with Wolf.



Behind her mask, Lion feels completely free to let her gorgeous mane down.

Lion admits the guesses from last week (Casey Donovan, Vanessa Amorosi and Julia Gillard) spun her "bejewelled head".

This is not the first time Lion has been seen as queen of the jungle, and she's "very physical".

We see Lion playing tennis and taking a sip of a Bloody Mary before dropping the hint that music is a "big factor" in her life.

lion Masked singer
Lion is "queen" of the jungle.

Last week, we found out Lion was 152.4cm and came to acclaim through a competition - perhaps a reality TV show - which she entered in her youth. Lion said it changed everything and brought her closer to her idols. Lion is competitive and TV has been an important part of her career.


Last week Lion sang High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco but last night, broke into a soulful rendition of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.

Dannii pointed out a clue we missed once the song was over - one of the security guards had a sports bra on over the top of her suit. Could that be a clue linked to the tennis theme from earlier?

Lion dropped one final clue for the judges to suck on, "From an early age, I learnt the importance of self discipline and fighting hard".

The judges guesses:

Dave Hughes: Pauline Hanson

Dannii Minogue: Serena Williams

Jackie O: Julia Morris

Lindsay Lohan: Rebel Wilson

Mamamia's guess: After combing through Twitter the resounding guess from the public is Kate Ceberano and we have to agree.


You won't be surprised to find Prawn at the "big occasions" although he famously spent a lot of time around the house, which makes him feel like a bit of an outsider.

Entering a competition like this is a change in direction for Prawn's career, but he likes a change of scenery. At this point in the clues package we see Prawn steering a ship on the high seas and Jackie O hypotheses - could he have been in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race?

Prawn likes all types of music which has "come in handy in the past" and last night sang I Want To Break Free by Queen.

The judges this time around think they can pick up an English accent.

prawn masked singer
The prawn has a possible English accent, according to the judges.

Last week we found out Prawn was 183cm tall and sociable, admitting that it "doesn't take much for me to come out of my shell".

Prawn has been in the public eye both here, in the UK and America dropping the hint "I'm a lary lad".

We were shown footage of Prawn with a soccer ball and an NFL ball and he also dropped the date "1970s" before adding that he was no stranger to a stadium.

Last week, Prawn sang Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley pointing at Dannii and singing "Dannii you know" during the song. He also pinched Osher on the bum when he first stepped onto the stage.

"I am a fanatic for sports and I have the perfect platform to sing their praises," was Prawn's final clue last night, with the judges hypothesising that he might be a sports presenter?

The judges guesses:

Dave Hughes: Freddie Flintoff

Dannii Minogue: Rove

Jackie O: Dr Chris Brown

Lindsay Lohan: Charlie Sheen

Mamamia's guess: We're pretty sure Ronan Keating is behind the Prawn costume. His swagger and working relationship with Dannii fit the clues, and we think the ‘English’ accent could in fact be Irish.


Robot doesn't think the judges are even close after last week's guesses (which were Matt Corby, Troye Sivan, Usher and Conrad Sewell).

Like many robots this Robot left his factory and headed east like a "moth to a flame" but soon realised others were controlling his program and he was starting to feel like "a bit of a clone".

Robot is now very much his own Robot - and as this clue was dropped another visual one was snuck in, a closeup of a security guard popping some bubblegum.

Robot thinks he's "multilayered like a Russian doll" and says having a "metal head makes him head strong and can cause serious glitches".

robot masked singer
There have been a lot of whispers that robot could be Cody Simpson?

Last week Robot sang Hold Back The River by James Bay but this time around he sang The Horses by Daryl Braithwaite and once again had a killer voice, wowing the judges.

Last week we found out Robot was 182.8cm and said he'd been "created in a digital age". We also found out he was environmentally minded and was a surfer.

He grew up around "gold" and as a younger Robot, his favourite animal was a butterfly - but now he prefers things that go "tweet".

Last night, the last clue Robot dropped was, "some years ago I was honoured by a grand historian".

The judges guesses:

Dave Hughes: Pat Rafter/Daryl Braithwaite

Dannii Minogue: Timomatic

Jackie O: Cody Simpson

Lindsay Lohan: Joey Fatone

Mamamia's guess: 100 per cent Cody Simpson, who is a surfer, a millennial born celebrity, an Ocean Advocate, and formerly a butterfly swimmer.

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