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Hollywood actors and a triple Olympian: All the clues for The Masked Singer 2020.

Well folks, it's finally happening.

From tomorrow night, 12 celebrities in outrageously disturbing costumes will take to the stage for the new season of The Masked Singer. We're equal parts excited and terrified. 

For the past few weeks, Channel 10 have been drip feeding us clues about each of the celebs hiding under the masks. 

So far, we know this year's contestants include; Hollywood actors, a big name from an Emmy award-winning series, ARIA winners, a triple Olympian, Logie winners, a recording artist with 22 platinum and 11 gold records, and either two different World Cup champions, or someone who has won two World Cups.

Meet five of the masks on this season of The Masked Singer. Post continues below. 

Video via Channel 10. 

Some familiar faces have also been rumoured to be joining the show. 

According to New Idea, Eurovision star Dami Im, comedian Tommy Little and Neighbours actress Madeleine West are a few of the celebrities believed to be appearing this season. But at this stage, it's all just speculation. 

So, ahead of Monday night's premiere, we’ve rounded up all the clues and guesses for each of the masks. 

Consider this your handy cheat sheet. 


Image: Channel 10.

Clue: "I’ve always been a stand-up guy, who hangs with birds of a feather." 

Fans have suggested that the clue "stand-up guy" is a reference to a comedian. But we're thinking that's a little obvious. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

So far, guesses include Ed Kavalee, Tommy Little, Sam Pang and Beau Ryan.


Image: Channel 10.

Clue:  "I only know one way to go... pedal to the metal from start to finish." 

Echidna's video clue has been the most telling yet confusing one yet. In the video posted to Instagram, Echidna is shown playing five records, which have been arranged to look like the Olympic rings. He's also seen rocking a cradle with a... cat in it. 

In another scene, Echidna is shown taking part in some sort of running race. 

With that in mind, fans have guessed TV presenter and racing enthusiast Grant Denyer and former Olympic sprinter turned race car driver John Steffensen. 



Image: Channel 10.

Clue: "I may be classically trained, but I’m famous for some other moves."

So far, fans have speculated that Dragonfly could be Kate Miller-Heidke who was trained as a classical singer or Australia’s Got Talent judge Lucy Durack. Other guesses include Dami Im and The Wiggles' Emma Watkins.


Image: Channel 10.

In the first video promo, Cactus is heard saying, "When they hear my voice, they’ll be yelling 'You grow girl'," which doesn't give away too much. 

In another Instagram post, we're given the clue, "Don't let my looks fool you. I'm dangerous, but I would rather keep that private." 

Names like Sia (who lives relatively private life outside of the spotlight), Ruby Rose and Lucy Durack have been thrown into the mix so far.



Image: Channel 10.

Clue: "My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice, but who’s having the last laugh now!"

It didn't take long for fans to speculate that Wizard could very well be a previous or current Neighbours star. Jason Donovan, who played Scott Robinson on the show, is just one of the names that's been thrown around. 


Image: Channel 10.

Clue: "My sporting pedigree can’t be denied... and that doesn’t just take the cake."

Straight off the bat, fans are guessing an athlete or TV chef is hiding under Queen's terrifying mask. 

Guesses include former MasterChef contestant Justine Schofield who used to date sports presenter Matt Doran or jockey Michelle Payne.



Image: Channel 10.

Clue: "I’ve never started a fight... but I always nail them in the end!"

Hammerhead is speculated to be TV and radio presenter Tom Williams, retired Australian rules footballer Barry Hall or horticulturist and TV presenter Jamie Durie.




Image: Channel 10.


Clue: "I'm not afraid to take the gloves off... and get my hands a little dirty." 

Fans have pointed out that the "gloves off" clue could very well point to a boxer or a gardener. So far, guesses include Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis or professional boxer Danny Green.


Image: Channel 10.


Clue: "You wouldn’t say I’m shy... maybe that’s why I feel the cold so often."

Kitten's clue doesn't really give us much to go on but fans have suggested that the "cold" reference could be hinting at a winter Olympian such as Lydia Lassila. And it makes a lot of sense. 

Not only is Lydia a dual Olympic medallist and aerial skier, but she's also appeared on Channel 10's Survivor, making her an ideal candidate for The Masked Singer. 


Image: Channel 10.


Clue: "I’m not just gold, I’m quite precious... and a lot tougher than I look."

The "gold" in goldfish's clue quite obviously points to an Olympian or some sort of professional athlete. So far, the guesses include Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice (which also fits with the fish costume), professional boxer Lauryn Eagle or one of the players from the Australian Diamonds netball team.


Image: Channel 10.


Clue: "I’ve had my brush with royalty... and a long time in a court of law."

Fans suspect Anh Do is hiding under puppet's incredibly disturbing costume.  Anh has his own successful TV show, Anh's Brush with Fame, and studied law at the University of Technology in Sydney. 


Image: Channel 10.


Clue: "I have quite the way with words, even when they’re not mine."

Sloth's clue doesn't give us a lot of information, but it sounds like they could very well be an actor or TV presenter. 

Who do you think are hiding behind the masks? Let us know in the comments below. 

The Masked Singer airs on Monday, August 10 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Feature Image: Channel 10.