The top 10 questions we have for the Making a Murderer creators.

ATTENTION Making A Murderer fanatics: This is a good day. This is a very good day.

The creators of your favourite ten-part docuseries, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, are headed to Australia to answer the questions you’ve been itching to ask.

Yep, after dedicating a decade of their lives to following the complex murder cases of Steven Avery and his 16-year-old nephew Brendan Dassey, the filmmakers now face the task of answering about 4971 fan conspiracy questions.

Millions of people are obsessed with MAM – given it has not only garnered a cult following but also catalysed reconsiderations of the American legal system – and they want to know every damn little thing about it.

Watch a clip from the Making a Murderer series below (post continues after video).

Video via Netflix

The pair will be interviewed on stage by host Charlie Pickering at Sydney’s Spectrum Now Festival on March 10, before holding an hour-long Q&A session with the members of the audience.

In eager anticipation, we’ve constructed a list of the questions we would be ask Ricciardi and Demos:

1. Why did you glaze over details about Steven Avery and the cat?

Shortly after the Netflix series aired, grittier details about Avery’s abuse of his family’s pet cat in 1982 were revealed.

In a letter to media outlets the case’s original former prosecutor, Ken Kratz, provided facts about the incident which the show’s creators omitted.

“Avery’s past incident with a cat was not ‘goofing around’.

“He soaked his cat in gasoline or oil, and put it on a fire to watch it suffer.”

2. Who on earth is this hottie, and did either of you ask him out to sushi?

making a murderer love screenshot
Mmmmmm I would spread that on a cracker. (Original image via Netflix)

Can we have a ten-part docu-series entirely dedicated to him intently staring at things? Because I would seriously watch that.

3. What’s the craziest fan conspiracy theory you’ve heard since the show’s release?

The whole ‘It’s all related to a secret sex club‘ theory comes to my mind…

4. How do you feel about people comparing MAM to Serial? Do you agree the shows are similar?

Did you draw inspiration from the widely popular podcast? Or were the two projects entirely unrelated, and coincidentally alike in their approach?

5. What was your reaction when you witnessed Brendan Dassey be convicted?

Personally, I cried. And then ate a whole packet of Mars Bar Pods. What did you two do?

brendan dassey netflix
Brendan nooooooooooo! (Image via Netflix)


Admittedly, this is a pretty poorly constructed question, BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS – THE BLOOD VIAL?!?!?!

How did you react?! Did you nearly stop breathing?! What did you do with your limbs?! How have you managed sleep since?!

7. Who’s YOUR prime suspect?

Is it Steve Avery himself? Or do you think Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych could have done it? What about Teresa’s ex boyfriend? What about the ‘German serial killer’ who was supposedly in the area at the time?

8. How did you make a living over the ten years you spent making the series?

Particularly in the beginning, when the concept hadn’t been picked up by Netflix but still required your undivided attention?

9. Are lawyers Strang and Buting human, or angels from heaven?

Legitimate question.

These two restored my hope in the human race, and I don’t think I can ever repay them for that.

Did you spontaneously hug them at random moments while filming?

averys lawyers
Bless their cotton socks. (Original image via Netflix)

10. Did you ever want to give up?

What were your darkest, hardest days, and how did you work through them?

What questions would you ask the creators of Making A Murderer?

Featured Image: right via Netflix, left via YouTube.