Where are they now? The cast of The Little Rascals.

It’s been almost 24 years since we all ‘got a pickle’ and discovered the lovable cast of The Little Rascals.

They introduced as to the ‘He-Man Woman Hater’s Club’ and Alfalfa’s pointy lil’ hairdo.

Although we wish they could have stayed tiny and adorable forever, the cast are now fully-fledged adults.

Here’s what they’re up to now:

Bug Hall AKA Alfalfa

Two become one and one becomes three.

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As his Instagram profile states, Bug Hall is still a rascal… just bigger.

The cute little fella who once played Alfalfa is now a husband and a dad. He tied the knot in February last year and welcomed a little girl into the world in November.


He also continues to act, write and produce. He has starred in a bunch of movies including Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, and Get A Clue.

Brittany Ashton Holmes AKA Darla

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Since stealing Alfalfa’s heart in The Little Rascals, Brittany Ashton Holmes has taken a step back from acting.

Holmes starred in a few movies (Inhumanoid and Humanoids From The Deep) but is now completing a political science degree at university.


As she wrote on her MySpace page some time ago, “I was [an] actress when I was little and did this movie called Little Rascals. It’s, like, really embarrassing to watch and I don’t want to act anymore”.

Travis Tedford AKA Spanky

Back in the day, Spanky was best friends with Alfalfa and leader of the ‘He-Man Woman Hater’s Club’.

Tedford went on to star in a number of films (Slappy and The Stinkers, The Thirteenth Floor, and Freaky Friday) before moving to Texas to work in marketing.


“I was typecast pretty hardcore and wasn’t given a lot of roles because I looked too much like Spanky, ” he once shared in a Reddit forum.

“That’s why I never did any huge projects after Little Rascals. It’s like Seinfeld when everyone wants George Costanza [rather than Jason Alexander].”

Kevin Jamal Woods AKA Stymie

the little rascals where are they now
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Since playing Stymie, Woods had a few acting roles including a recurring role as Frank in the TV series Blossom.


He's now pursuing music and comedy.

Last year he shared an update on his YouTube channel: "I haven't made a video for four or five months, but that's because I just didn't feel like it. I know people need freshness to remain involved, so I'm putting out a video about why I haven't put out a video."

"I'm an adult and I have adult things to do, like go to work and pay my bills and get work done on my vehicle. So I've just had a lot of that going on. Then Christmas came, my birthday came, and I grew a year older. We're 28 and we have to do things like a 28-year-old. That's why I haven't made a video. Also, I've had a kind of writer's block and, comedically speaking, when you have a writer's block you just probably shouldn't write anything, because then it just won't be funny. And I like to make y'all laugh; that's why I'm here in the world, to make people laugh and giggle."

We feel ya, Kevin.

Blake McIver Ewing AKA Waldo

the little rascals where are they now
Image via Instagram.

Waldo was the spoilt brat who attempted to steal Darla from Alfalfa and ruin one of the greatest onscreen romances of our time. 

The bloke who played him, Blake McIver Ewing, went on to star in a bunch of movies including Tarzan, Hey Arnold! The Movie and Raising Helen.

He also does a lot of work on Broadway.

Ross Bagley AKA Buckwheat

the little rascals where are they now
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Oh, Buckwheat.

After appearing in The Little Rascals, Ross Bagley went on to play the character of Nicholas "Nicky" Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for two seasons.

He then teamed up with Will Smith again in Independence Day.

Bagley had a few small roles on TV and then decided to study film production at California State University.

Most recently he starred in the action movie Legend.

Jordan Warkol AKA Froggy

the little rascals where are they now
Image via Instagram.

Since playing the role of Froggy, Warkol has acted in a bunch of movies including Carpool, Milo and The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

He's currently pursuing a career in stand up comedy.

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Zachary Mabry AKA Porky


In the movie Zachary Mabry plays Porky, Spanky's younger brother.

This was Mabry's one and only role. He decided acting just wasn't his thing and has since become an accountant.

Donald Trump AKA Waldo's Dad

the little rascals where are they now
"I am a very stable genius." Image via Getty.

Since starring as Waldo's dad, Trump has gone on to become the leader of the free world. He also has very active Twitter presence and enjoys fake tan. Sad.

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