The labor was more like meditation. I didn’t scream. It was really Zen.

Seriously, that’s what Jessica Alba told OK magazine. The tingling in my hand is a desire to smack Jessica really hard. But I will overcome that and be happy for her.

Do you think when all these celebrity babies are older, they’ll Google themselves to find out how much they were worth as newborns? And then will little Honor feel inadequate that she was worth ‘only’ $1.5m compared to Matthew McConaughy’s kid Levi? Although the $3m Mathew got for Levi DID include Levi’s first Xmas so the comparison isn’t ENTIRELY fair.

Still, isn’t it funny how only Brad and Angelina have donated their photo fee to charity? Everyone else hanging on to theirs with both hands.

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Details from the OK interview:

Preparing for the birth of your first child can be nerve-wracking for any new mom, but for Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren, the birth of their daughter Honor Marie Warren on June 7 was anything but chaotic.

"I didn’t scream," Jessica tells OK!
in an exclusive interview and photoshoot. "It was really Zen." And Cash
could only marvel at his wife’s quiet strength when she gave birth.
"She didn’t make a sound," he says. "It was amazing."

"It hasn’t totally sunk in," Jessica reveals to OK!.
"She dreams, she smiles, and coos and does all these things, but she
hasn’t seen enough of the world yet to understand any of that stuff. So
I still feel like she’s connected to the other world, or something.
There’s no other way to explain it. It’s a miracle."

The Love Guru star tells OK! that she had natural birth.  "The labor was more like meditation," she says.   "I did yoga breathing. I was focused."
Jessica, who tells OK! she ate "a lot of soul food" in the weeks following Honor’s birth, says she’s just now starting to shed the pregnancy pounds.

started working out last Thursday, but for 20 minutes. I do cardio on
my own. I’m doing it slow," she says. "Now I’m starting to eat more
healthy. Because after working out, having fried chicken and mashed
potatoes is a little counteractive."
So who does Honor look more like?   
"She looks like a girl version of me," Cash says.  "She has my nose, my eyebrows and my…"
"Forehead and dimples," Jessica finishes, adding, "She has my mouth when I was a baby.  And my ears."
Honor is a mixture," Cash reconsiders. "I want her to look like me,
because a daughter looking like Jessica, I’d kill myself!"

And this courtesy Celebrity Baby Blog:

Since their daughter’s name is a bit off the beaten path, Jessica
and Cash know people are curious about how they settled on the moniker.
The answer? A friend suggested it. "We were having a girl’s night, and
one of my friends said, ‘If I ever had a girl — but I’m not having any
more kids — I will name her Honor,’ Jessica shares. "I said, ‘That’s a
great name for a boy or a girl.’ And my middle name is Marie." It also
fulfilled a requirement for both parents — that the name be somewhat
different from the norm.

C: I liked growing up with a unique name.

J: I was always irritated that my name was Jessica.
Come on, it’s a very ’80s name, because there were tons of Jessicas in
every school I went to.

As Jessica has previously
mentioned, she and Cash believe it’s important for their daughter to be
exposed to at least two languages. Jessica is of Danish,
French-Canadian, and Mexican descent; however, her immediate family
does not speak the languages. Instead, she hopes Spanish will be
something Honor "can speak to my grandmother and my aunties." Dad Cash
explained his personal reasons for why being bilingual is a positive.

I speak French. Growing up with two languages just helps; it broadens you and gives you some perspective.

enjoyed a lot of "soul food" in recent weeks, Jessica is being careful
to eat better, saying, "Now I’m starting to eat more
healthy. Because after working out, having fried chicken and mashed
potatoes is a little counteractive!" She began post-baby workouts on
July 10th — but only for 20 minutes at
a time, and just doing cardio on her own.

I’m doing it slow. I lost the tummy just breastfeeding.
I wear a band that my girlfriend wore after she gave birth. People wear
it for their backs. I saw my friend six weeks after she gave birth and
her tummy was right back to where it was before. I was like, "I gotta
do that!" [laughs]

As far as splitting up parenting duties, Jessica and Cash try to keep
things equal, and Cash has some advice for new dads — change the

C: I change the diapers…

J: Because I’m the food source! [laughs]

C: That would be my advice to any new dad: Be that
diaper changer because it’s really not that hard! I’m sure it’ll be
different in a year.

Becoming parents together has
been quite the experience, the couple shares. Jessica explains, "Cash
is such a good husband and father. I’m so proud of him. He’s really
gone above and beyond. The more things we’ve gone through with each
other, it’s gotten better." As for Jessica, Cash is equally
complimentary, revealing that she’s "always had a motherly quality."

doesn’t really come out in the press a lot, which is fine because they
focus on one thing only. But with people that she’s close to or any of
the people she’s worked with, they recognize that she’s always had this
great motherly quality.