A brand new $35 Kmart item has fans going crazy, and it's not even out yet.

Guys, Kmart have done it again.

The saviour of bargain hunters and stingy home decor lovers alike has literally broken the internet with a shoe rack that’s not even out yet.

It’s grey. It’s ‘Scandi’ (Scandinavian style, for those not in the know). It looks expensive. But most importantly, you’ll get change for a $50 note. It only costs $35.

And thanks to the combined power of the lucky Kmart addicts who were invited to attend the retail giant’s preview showing for their new range, it’s no longer a secret.

“WOW. Just wow!” The Kmart Lover captioned her snap while very helpfully pointing out one could secure this bedroom set up for under $200.


Kmart Grapevine also shared the shoe rack with her 50,000 followers, predicting it will walk out the door.

This rack, along with a number of new home decor additions, is expected to drop online and in a Kmart store near you on Thursday, August 3.

So if you’re keen, clear Thursday afternoon’s schedule because you can be damn sure people will be lining up for this baby.

Be honest – how many items of Kmart decor do you have in your home?