Finally! A cooking show you can actually relate to.

Welcome to The Katering Show’s Mexican Fiesta.

If you’re a little bit over the requests of you gluten-sugar-dairy-fructose-happiness intolerant friends, if you’re actually allergic to everything that might possibly taste good, or if you are just really sick of Nigella’s warm lighting and unnecessary use of the word ‘unctuous’ – cooking show spoof, The Katering Show, will speak to your soul.

Hosted by foodie Kate McClennan and food sloth Kate McCartney, the Katering Show involves McLennan teaching McCartney how to cook, and they explore a smorgasbord of food trends such as ethical eating, food porn and sugar free diets.

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In this hilarious episode, Kate and Kate show us how to make intolerance friendly quesadillas. People with food allergies won’t notice the difference. As long as you add a bit of food dye and an Indian spice that tastes like farts…

So pour yourself a frozen margarita and have a giggle.

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