Class Report: We give The Jungle Body a go.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a dance or exercise class, I’m always the flailer at the back who’s constantly two steps behind. The thought of zumba or any of those other intense exercise classes? Horrific.

So when I heard about The Jungle Body, a hybrid workout class that combines boxing, dance, squats, cardio and even Bollywood moves, I was intrigued. And when founder Tara Simich described it to me as “Zumba for uncoordinated people” I was obviously sold. 

Watch: I give The Jungle Body a go. (Post continues after video.)

Normally when trying a new exercise class I’d drag a friend along but this time I was going it alone. Yes, I was nervous. I needn’t have worried – the class was a mix of people of all abilities and ages and I wasn’t the only first timer.

Our excellent instructor Nicky talked us through what we should expect from our Konga class, one of the five workouts that make up The Jungle Body.

Then we clapped ourselves in, the lights went down, the music turned ON and the exercise studio instantly transformed into a dance floor, complete with twinkling disco ball.

For the first time in my life I was in the front row, and rather than be thoroughly embarrassed and out of time, I was surprised by how quickly I fell into step. (Post continues after gallery.)


Each little routine consists of no more than four steps at a time which makes it easy to follow and the soundtrack (a mix of modern and classic dance tracks, accompanied by lots of booty shakin’ and body rolls) made the whole process so fun I was distracted from the fact I was doing serious exercise.

Nicky explained everything thoroughly before each routine and it was hard not to feed off her enthusiasm and energy at the front of the class – and even more so when she’d hop down and join us on the floor.

Instructor Nicky and I after class. Image: Supplied.


While it felt like I'd just done a serious dance floor sesh, make no mistake - it was hard work and I was seriously sweating by the end of it.

Leaving the class I felt empowered, elated, very sweaty - and totally hooked on the concept. A jungle body, here I come.

For class details check out Nicky's Facebook page or The Jungle Body.

Have you tried The Jungle Body before? What did you think?