No you’re not going crazy, everyone you know is wearing the exact same watch.

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It’s not everyday you meet a watch with an identity crisis as severe as this one’s. And at first, we were concerned. Is this watch okay? Is it getting the help it needs?

But then the genius that is The Horse’s flagship ‘The Original’ watch dawned on us. Sleek, polished and with an unassuming minimalist design, it’s the watch you’ve seen (and secretly lusted after) on everyone’s wrist but your own, that somehow manages to surpass the ‘same sameness’ of a cult buy.

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What started as a lifestyle leather goods company inspired by a fine looking pair of men’s leather shoes, sans socks, spotted over a sunny Sunday morning brunch in Sydney, The Horse is all about creating classic, sturdy timepieces intended to be bought once and worn well.

There are so many things to love about The Horse time pieces:

They’re unisex, which makes lame but necessary ‘his and hers’ fashion simple. And so good for anniversaries and birthdays, for a partner, parent, friend or work wife… you can even get them engraved with a soppy sentiment for your loved one like this writer did.


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There are so many different colour combinations to choose from. With 22 variations of the same design on the market, you can semi-customise everything from the colour of the band, dial and the face, to the finish of the metal. This folks is the key to how a million people can wear this watch, without all looking likes clones.

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The design is simple enough that it’s not competing with you for attention, but enough to finish any outfit. And you can actually tell the time on them, making the subtle time check during a long-winded meeting easy.

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They’re made locally in Sydney, and from good quality materials that age as gracefully as Helen Miren. But most of all… They don’t cost an arm and a leg. Retailing for $149, The Horse is the definition of affordable luxury.

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So run people, run!

You can shop the full range of The Horse aesthetic AF time pieces right here and please note: this post is not sponsored, we just really, really like their watches.