WATCH: 'Beauty' changes throughout history - you just need to find your era.

What is considered ‘beautiful’ has changed significantly through the ages.

At one time or another it seems that we’ve all met society’s standards of beauty. Pale and voluptuous? Get thee to Ancient Greece. Slender with narrow shoulders and a symmetrical face? You were hot property in the time of the Pharaohs.

Buzzfeed has created a video with a diverse group of models to show us how the standard of women’s ‘beauty’ has significantly changed over time. The video proves that no matter what your body type or skin colour you have been the pinnacle of ‘beauty’ at some point (and if you hang around long enough, the sands of time will ensure you will be again).

So, which era does your booty belong to? (Post continues after video)…


Women in Ancient Egypt were considered equals to their male counterparts. They had equal rights, and could own land and gain titles independently from their spouses. The ideal image during this era was for women to be slender with narrow shoulders, a high waist and a symmetrical face.

Ancient Egypt’s ideal physique. Credit: screenshot Buzzfeed YouTube.

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In Ancient Greece, a woman’s body was considered to be a ‘disfigured’ version of men’s. Desirable qualities in a woman’s physique during this era was to be plump, full-bodied and light skinned.

Ancient Greece’s desirable physique. Credit: screenshot Buzzfeed YouTube.

Fast forward to the Victorian England era and women’s curves were all a lady would dream of having. Beauty involved a desirably plump, full-figured woman with a clinched waist. Many women would wear corsets to achieve this look.

Oh those beautiful curves. Credit: screenshot Buzzfeed YouTube.

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Moving forward again – the Heroin Chic era in th 1980’s embraced a slimmer frame. The desired features were for women to be waifish and extremely thin with translucent skin and a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics.

The Heroin Chic era’s desirable body. Credit: screenshot Buzzfeed YouTube.

If you’re figure hasn’t shown up yet, find it in this gallery of beauty eras…Post continues after the gallery

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We say beauty is fickle – you just have to find your era and own it today.

So, what era were you ‘beautiful’ in?