Lauren Conrad has shared some dramatic truths during 'The Hills' reunion.

When The Hills first aired a decade ago (ha, ha… kill me) we obsessed over the highly realistic and not-at-all-scripted adventures of Lauren Conrad and co. as they went about their totally normal, absolutely not fabricated lives.

As the show opened, we saw a montage of sun-kissed, blonde, obscenely attractive people living it up in LA, while Natasha Bedingfield’s profound lyrics told us “the rest is still unwritten…”


It would appear the ‘unwritten’ future of The Hills has now been written, with the reunion special showing us a whole other side of the reality show.


And my oh my, did we learn some things. Important things. Kim Kardashian-related things.

So here are the five most dramatic takeaways from The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now. 

1. Lauren ended her friendship with Audrina because of a rogue lock.

Conrad explains she and Audrina Patridge, who is now a mum, blogger and television presenter, really did have a falling out when they were living together.

"I realised she had installed a lock," Lauren revealed. "That's what started our big fight, and then we just weren't getting along."



2. The Hills girls were totally rubbing shoulders with Kim Kardashian.

Brody Jenner, Kim Kardashian's half-brother, featured heavily on The Hills. Lauren hooked up with him, and he was close friends with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. In a deleted scene from the show, Kim Kardashian can be seen talking to Brody and Heidi about an upcoming awards show.

At the same party, Heidi brags about being, "the only people in America who have jellyfish." Good times.


3. There was one particular instance where Lauren felt 'set up' by the show.

Lauren admits she felt MTV set her up to capture a fight between Heidi, Spencer and herself, after the duo spread a rumour about her having a sex tape.

You know the scene. It's the one where Lauren yells, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." It's brilliant.

In never-before-seen footage, she screams, "MTV should care what Spencer did to me!"

"It's not OK that they let him up here! It's not f—king funny when you guys do that." #drama

Snapchatting :PrattHeidi ❤️ A photo posted by heidipratt (@heidipratt) on


4. Spencer Pratt went crazy on Twitter when the reunion aired.

Technically this isn't something we learnt from the reunion special itself, but just before it aired Spencer delivered us a glorious Twitter rant to remind us why he was so off-putting in the first place.




Then, Heidi live tweeted the show via US website Broadly.




I mean, it's just gold. It makes so little sense. (Post continues after gallery.)

5. Lauren knew when guys were set up just for the show.

This clever lady had a foolproof way of telling whether the MTV crew were trying to set her up with a particular man: when the suitors approached her, they were already mic'd up.

"I'm pretty sure you guys were picking guys out and sending them over because they would come over and I knew they had already signed a release because they were mic'd," she explained during the reunion.

She recalled one incident with a man on a motorcycle in Paris who she didn't want to kiss. Explaining how she dealt with the scene, she said, "I ran!"

In never-before-seen footage, the Frenchman says, "She ran like a thief! She knew everything, you know?"

It was all written, you guys.

The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now airs August 7 in Australia on MTV. 

Featured image: Instagram