The hilarious in-store Ikea reviews that make shopping bearable.

Ikea jokes seem to be having a moment, and we’re not complaining.

It’s been well-documented that Ikea is the source of 98% of relationship break-ups*.

For this reason, we are thrilled that certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to curb this trend and make the trip to the furniture mega-store much more enjoyable.

A few weeks ago it was the man who made a delightful list of puns in the store, and today, it’s one very helpful person who has left their own in-store reviews on different items in the store.

Ikea Reviews
Source: Imgur

Obviousplant uploaded the photos to photo sharing site Imgur and explained simply that they were In-Store Ikea Reviews.

Each one is perfect in its own right, and should be filed under ‘relationship savers’ when the next trip to Ikea is scheduled.

Have a look through some of the other very helpful in-store reviews by this Ikea-loving genius:

*In case you were wondering, the other 2% of relationship break-ups are due to arguments over what movie to see.