The hardest part would be when (s)he demanded more wardrobe space.

I love my husband a lot. A LOT. But if he came to me one day and said he wanted to become a woman and was having a sex change? Not sure I’d be down with that.
My bad it seems. Because other wives? THEY are down with that. The New York Times ran a story this week about one such couple who stayed together after he became a woman.
Here they are before and after.

Denise used to be a guy and now, not so much. And he’s changed in oh so many ways:
“My entire
sensory palate — smells, colors, foods — everything is different. There are foods I hated that I love now.” (Ricotta.)
Fran, who has always been a woman says about her old husband and new wife: “She cries
more easily. We’re always like, ‘Oh, God, she’s crying
again.’ We’re always getting a tissue.”

You know, this is in fact a lovely love story if you think about it. People are remarkable.

More quotes from the story after the jump.

From the New York Times:

The Brunners attribute their staying together, in part, to having discussed Donald’s gender-identity questions from the earliest days of dating.

“Fran helped me literally buy my first bra and first wig,” Denise recalled. “It just didn’t feel right trying to have a lifelong partner who didn’t know.”
Denise said her discomfort began in kindergarten: “I wanted to play in the kitchen, but the teachers were forcing me to go out with the boys in the sandbox.”

In high school, Denise recalled, “the first time I could put a name to what I was feeling” was when reading a book about sex-reassignment surgery. Fran said she thought marriage would stop the cross-dressing, but she kept discovering caches of women’s clothes, which led to fights.
“She was always resentful, because the money I would spend on my second wardrobe would be better spent on diapers, household expenses,” Denise said.
“And vacations,” chimed in Fran, a woman of fewer words.

In 2002, Donald started taking female hormones. Fran did not want to break up.
“She was still the same person, she’s still the same person, but the package had just changed,” Fran said. “Everything that attracted me to her, or him, is still there, and we’re c

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