Press release: The Glow Australia.


More than 50% of Australian women feel like the beauty and health industries don’t speak to them. But from today?

That’s all going to change.

The Mamamia Network, Australia’s leading women’s digital brand, has launched a new kind of health and beauty website today:

Editor of The Glow, Alyx Gorman said that, “Australian women are more interested in our health than ever before and let’s face it – we all like to look nice. But the way women talk endlessly about these topics with their girlfriends, isn’t reflected in the media they consume”.

“So The Glow is giving health and beauty media a much needed make-over. We’re taking all the best things about online writing – the two way conversations, the personal tone, the humour and the speed – and applying them to the health and beauty space.”

“While ‘aspiration’ was the buzzword of the 90s and noughties, The Glow will be all about authenticity and honesty. Health and beauty are fun, vibrant and intimate topics which women are craving more online opportunities to read and talk about.”

The Glow is the result of extensive market research by the Mamamia Network which showed that 94% of current readers wanted more health and wellbeing content, 86% wanted more beauty reviews and that exercise was the number one thing that made women feel good about themselves.

The Glow will be the third website in the Mamamia Network’s portfolio with and already reaching between 2 and 4 million women every month.

Editor-in-Chief of the Mamamia Network, Jamila Rizvi said “We already have a huge base of readers who are highly engaged with each and every piece of content Mamamia and iVillage produces”.


“The Glow will draw on all of the Mamamia Network’s knowledge about what makes women share and engage online – and apply it to the health and beauty space.”

Following the lead of the rest of the Mamamia Network, The Glow is already having success attracting native advertising clients, including launch partners Clinique and The Athletes Foot.

“The Mamamia Network is leading the Australian market in native advertising. And The Glow will continue our tradition of making editorial as well as traditional advertising work for our clients and get the results they need” says Jamila Rizvi.

“Our deep understanding and insight into what makes women tick and click are unrivalled in the Australian market. We’re extremely excited to be able to take all that knowledge and expertise into the health and beauty space.”

The Glow is published by Mamamia Network founder Mia Freedman, who will also be writing for the website.

Other Glow staff include Beauty Director Nicky Champ, Fitness Editor Nat Hawk and Site Coordinator Kahla Preston.

Household beauty names like Zoe Foster and Paula Joye will also have work appearing on The Glow.

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For more information or for interviews with Gorman or Rizvi, please contact Dimity Kirkwood: or 02 9299 9555