The forgotten art of saying thank you.

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Modern life is busy but no one is too busy to say thank you.

Over the past few months I have attended eleven separate celebrations, all of which requiring a present. Hold up though, that’s not the part I’m upset about. I love attending parties and I love giving presents. I take the time to choose something I think the person might like and enjoy handing it to them.

Out of these events I have been thanked for less than half of them and don’t worry enough time has passed for them to ‘get around to it’.

I guess you could say that this is one of those ‘ranty’ posts and yeah, it is.

Parents should insist that children write a thank you message, even if it's just a text typed out by mum. Image: iStock

I have attended my fair share of children's parties lately and sure, when you're averaging two celebrations a week, it gets expensive. But life is about giving and even if they gift wasn't worth much, it should still be accepted with grace and appreciation. As I mentioned, I am yet to be thanked for gifts that I have given to my children's friends, or even acknowledged that gifts existed given that most of the time, the event is fashioned where children leave their offering on a table and go to enjoy the festivities. Did the child even get the gift we left? How would I know. Oh, that's right, a thank you.

Neglecting to take the time to thank someone has a far greater impact than some people may think. To me, you come across as rude, unappreciative and frankly, grubby. And that's the way that I will think of you. I won't say it to your face, but I'll definitely remember it next time you have an event or celebration you'd like me to share in and I'll envision you (or your child) ripping presents apart with no care or consideration where they came from, only knowing that your pile of 'stuff' has grown bigger than what it was beforehand.

Manners cost nothing to teach and in life, will get you everywhere.

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