real life

A comprehensive list of the fictional friends you wish you had.

Where is the Thelma to my Louise?

All relationships are tough. They take compromise, work and sacrifice.

And friendships are no different. It’s not all about having someone to unleash your inner Coyote Ugly with on a Friday night. You need someone to be there telling you you’re strong. And telling you to step away from the spoon when you’re poised above your third jar of Nutella.

Unfortunately, sometimes (try as they might) your real life buddies can leave a little bit to be desired, and you realise- there are certain characteristics from your fictional friends that you would love to have in your real-world life.

Here are a few of the fantasy BFFs I would love to have in my life:

Joey- Friends

You want a friend who will keep your secrets, or at least try to.

Joey put in a valiant effort in keeping Chandler and Monica’s relationship on the DL, post-London episode. It may have all come out in the end, but he certainly did his best.

Olive Penderghast- Easy A

A friend who will lie for you.

Okay, granted- Olive’s lie for Brandon gets a lot little bit out of hand. But there is no denying her heart was in the right place. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Also- Emma Stone.

Abbi and/or Ilana- Broad City

If you ever find yourself freaking out that you haven’t got your shit sorted, it’s nice to take comfort in the fact that your mate has it together even less than you.


“My biggest weakness is that I lose my purse a lot. But my biggest strength is that I always get it back.” – Ilana

Luna Lovegood- Harry Potter

“My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.”

Luna is kind, and loyal and unashamedly herself. We all need a little Luna in our lives sometimes. She may be a bit… different. But she’ll come out with the good stuff when you need it most.

Lane – Gilmore Girls

Lane’s sheer joy over Rory’s first kiss.

Sometimes, you just want a friend who will freak out and jump up and down with you. Life is about celebrating the little things, even if those things are more about your friends then they are about you.

Cristina Yang- Grey’s Anatomy.

You are my person.

I need a friend who will help me embrace my dark and twisty side. And who will hang around through every single disaster and tragedy that the brilliant brain of Shonda Rhimes can come up with.

Spencer Reid- Criminal Minds

Well, to be honest, I would quite like to be special friends with Reid. But I’d reluctantly settle for buds.

He is incredibly smart. Can you imagine having Reid on your team at pub-trivia? You literally couldn’t lose! Plus he is extremely loyal to his team mates.

And loyalty is The Friend we all want.

Who would you add to this list?