Behold, the incredible 12-year evolution of The Veronicas in pictures.

When it comes to music, and perhaps food, I have very, very, very addictive personality.

I centre in on one thing that I love and I over-do it to the point of death. I will listen to that one thing, or eat that one piece of food, so much so that a year after bingeing I still won’t be face it properly.

The first time I realised I continuously set myself up to fail by overdoing one thing I really loved was when I was about 10-years-old, my parents had pulled me out of school to drive around Australia for a few months and I packed only one CD for the trip.

I would tell you to guess which one it was, but I think you’re already on the right track. It was the 2005 album Secret Life of… and The Veronicas had, in my pre-teen opinion, the best music in Australia.

After forming in 2004, they dominated our radios for a long while. Then they took a little siesta and came back as revived and refreshed as ever.

This week, the 31-year-old twin sisters seized all of Australia’s attention for their glittery performance at the ARIAs that saw them wear just that: Glitter.

So, as an ode to the women who have been dominating our headlines this week, we thought it was wholly appropriate to take a step back and dive into the archives and gaze at the evolution of The Veronicas.

Rising to fame in an era where vests over T-shirts was a fashionable look, and blonde tips in jet black hair was totally celebrated, the sisters have come a long way from their 4Eva days. And they’ve remained strikingly identical through every step of their transformation.

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