The dark teen comedy that's about to become your next Netflix obsession.

Oh… goodie.

Netflix is about to drop another original series and it’s the stuff of a TV binger’s dreams.

It’s a dark British comedy that’s been described as 10 Things I Hate About You meets Heathers.

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Based on Charles Forsman’s award-winning graphic novels, the series follows James (Alex Lawther), a teenager who’s, well, a little bit sociopathic. 

In The End of the F**king World, James meets Alyssa (Jessica Barden), a classmate who says exactly what she’s thinking at all times and who has no time for anyone’s s**t.

Alyssa decides she could fall in love with James, and James decides he’d quite like to murder Alyssa.

And so this couple of misfits embark on a road trip of self discovery, romance and, erm, possibly murder.

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James decks his dad, steals his car, and they hit the road, attempting to escape their weird little lives together.

It’s the life-changing – and possible life-ending – trip of a lifetime (try saying that three times fast).

Of course, things do not exactly go to plan for the runaway teens and hilarity ensues.

The series drops on Netflix on January 5 and we can hardly bloody wait.

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