Teaching your kids to tie their shoe laces. You're doing it wrong.

“And then you put this little bunny ear…” “Wait, Mum, what bunny ear?!”

So your child has shoes.

That’s usually the first problem.

Because these shoes tend to have laces. Laces tend to be the second, third, and fourth problem in your child’s life. It can take forever for them to figure out just the right rhythm and pattern, the right swooping motion for both laces to make a perfect. Neat. Bow.

So how do you teach the little one such a life long skill?

Using the “Magic Fingers Style”, of course.

All that is required are fingers (okay) and shoes with laces (okay, this is do-able) and you’re all set to try this method.

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery for the step-by-step method…

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