The internet's most hilarious responses to The Dress.

Stop trying to throttle your loved ones. The Dress is officially funny.

It was the dress that divided us. It confused and perplexed us. It led us into arguments that tested even the strongest of relationships.

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And now, The Dress is entertaining us – as the internet takes the piss out of our obsession with what was (let’s face it) an otherwise a fairly underwhelming frock.

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Thanks to the genius of the internet, now The Dress is the ultimate political commentator:

It prompted widespread panic and fear.

It had us second guessing pretty much everything we’ve ever known…

Then the colour of The Dress was everywhere.

World famous political leaders even deemed it a topic worthy of conversation.

And, the hits kept on coming.

OK, so maybe it was just a good excuse to post pictures of dogs:

We’ve rounded up a string of our favourite #dressgate images so you can share in the joy of The Dress that became the biggest internet sensation since Kim Kardashian’s arse the llamas that escaped their enclosure. Enjoy…

What’s the funniest #dressgate meme or gag you’ve seen?