The dark side of cheerleading.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Zoe who said I should post about the pack-bashing of a cheerleader in America by 6 of her "friends". They invited her over to one of their houses and then attacked her for 30 minutes.
Oh, and they filmed the whole thing to put up on Youtube and Myspace (the video has been seized by police who have charged all the attackers) to show how tough they were and also as a warning to others not to cross them. I don’t want to put it up on mamamia because it is sickening.

But here is a news report about it from CBS:

A girl’s voice can be heard on the original tape saying: "There’s only 17 seconds left; make it good." The victim in the attack, Victoria Lindsay, suffered a concussion, loss of hearing in one ear, damage to her left eye and numerous bruises.
The beating continued way after she was unconscious. What you see above is after she regained consciousness.

The sheriff who arrested the teens says, "When we had them in custody at the station, they were laughing about it, saying, ‘Well, I guess this spring break we won’t go to the beach.’ One of the suspects asked the detective, ‘Am I going to get to go to cheerleading practice tomorrow?’ They showed absolutely no remorse at all."

These girls weren’t misfits or gang members. They were the cool and popular clique at their high school. They were cheerleaders. I don’t know which is more sickening….the beating or the idea of posting it for bragging rights and infamy.

According to CNN, the six girls involved in the beatings and the two boys who acted as lookouts will be tried as adults. All eight suspects are facing charges of kidnapping and battery, while three of the eight are facing charges of tampering with a witness. Frank Green, executive director of Keys to Safer Schools, tells CNN, “In one respect, girls have always been more vicious than boys. Their violence is of a personal nature… girls want to cause pain and make the other girl feel bad.”

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