The bush is back. And no, this is not a post about the death of the Brazilian.

Apparently, the bushy eyebrow is back. This is a major bummer and, as Alanis would have sung about a decade ago "isn’t it ironic" because I have just returned from getting my brows shaped when I got this shell-shocking news.
It would seem Ashley Olsen is responsible:

Highbrow Eyebrows: Brow Fashion Through the Years

This is how she looked at the Costume Institute Thingy and the sound you just heard is the ‘plink’ of a million tweezers hitting the bin…..

More bushy brow-speration after the jump.

Camille Belle:





Brittany Murphy (this to me is the opposite of a trend endorsement…):


Retro-brow: Demi a decade or so ago….


Martin Scorcese:


Jennifer Connelly:

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Know who this is? Cast your mind back about 25 years (if you were born yet):


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