Meet you in the fashion closet: The Bold Type has been renewed for a juicy fourth season.


Grab your best mate and get in the fashion closet immediately, The Bold Type is coming back for a fourth season.

The news was announced on The Bold Type social media pages on Wednesday with a video featuring Katie Stevens (Jane Sloan aka Tiny Jane), Aisha Dee (Kat Edison), and Meghann Fahy (Sutton Brady).

Watch the trailer for The Bold Type season three here. Post continues after. 

Video by Stan

In the video, the on-screen protagonists are reading their speeches live, when a copywriter sneaks in the news that the show has officially been renewed for season 4.

The actresses react live on stage, and appear very excited – jumping about and hugging producers.

“The best news ever!! Hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s episode! I’m on Cloud 9 about this news! Hope you all are too!” wrote 26-year-old Katie Stevens on Twitter following the event.

Aisha Dee also posted to Twitter, writing, “Hella grateful! Hella employed! Paying rent on time! Season 4! #cool #wow #theboldtype”, alongside images of the ladies drinking wine.


It all feels a little bit like this, but way less creepy.


For those who don’t watch the show (yet), The Bold Type follows best friends Kat, Sutton and Jane as they negotiate the New York City digital publishing world.

The storylines are complex, and tackle the big issues like racial discrimination and queer rights. You’ll walk away from the show feeling like you’ve watched an intelligent brainchild of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. 

We’re very excited for season 4.

You can watch The Bold Type on Stan.

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