FLUFF: The last people we expected to do a weight loss ad.

Oh, great. This is just fabulous.

We’ve got skinny, perfectly in-proportion, healthy-weight women advertising weight loss products now. That’s where we’re at.

The twins from The Block, Lysandra and Alisa Fraser, are ambassadors for Lite ‘N’ Easy.

Yes, these two model-level gorgeous women. Advertising microwavable diet meals. On the television.

The super-fit twins, both of whom worked in the police force before competing on renovation show The Block, say they eat the low-cal meals because they’re “time-poor”. But Alisa also claims she’d put on some weight after the birth of her second son, right before the girls signed on for a second season of The Block.

Here they are, in a farcical TV commercial we like to call Skinny Women Spruik Diet Meals Because The World’s Gone Mad:

Anyone else find this ridiculous?

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