Last night The Block changed our wardrobe goals forever.

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Last night on The Block, Andy and Ben – aka “The Boys”, there must always be a team called “The Boys” – introduced us to the most mind-blowingly,  amazing shoe storage idea we have ever seen: The Rotator.

It sounds like an old school contraption you hang ties on or some kind of sex toy, but it is actually the spinny wardrobe shoe holder thingy of our dreams and the best thing anyone has found in a wardrobe since Narnia.

It made Shaynna, and us, do this:

Shaynna Blaze discovering The Rotator is all of us. Image via Channel 9.

"Shaynna lost her mind at this point," said Scotty.

And so did we.


Listen: The Binge discusses why The Block has still got it. Post continues below.

The Rotator is a set of spinning shelves that fit in the corner of your wardrobe (you know, the part that is only useful for collecting dust, odd socks and ex-boyfriend artefacts.) The boys said it could be also used for clothes, but who are they kidding? This is a shoe shelf. The world's most glorious shoe shelf. It even has a full length mirror on the back.

Sure, it looks like a bachelor pad now. But just wait until we get some sparkly heels in there.  Image via Channel 9

"I think that is just spectacular... This is the first walk in robe today, that is better than the bedroom," said Darren.

Watch the boys unveil their secret weapon in the wardrobe.

Video via Channel 9

We need this in our lives. Although we may need new shoes to go with this beautiful creature, our muddy sneakers are not worthy.

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