One of Melbourne's most infamous hotels will soon be home to The Block.

Melbourne’s most notorious hotel will soon be home to budding reality TV renovators as the new season of The Block takes on it’s most unique and challenging project yet.

For its 14th season, The Gatwick Hotel in St. Kilda will be taken over by renovators, production crews and Scott Cam himself, transforming the hotel from its dilapidated state to one that seeks to attract cashed-up buyers in Melbourne’s property market.

The infamous hotel, nestled between some of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants and St. Kilda beach, is imposing in its Fitzroy St location.

Last year, The Herald Sun reported the hotel came with a hefty price tag, with the building estimated to be worth $10 million.

For the uninitiated, the Gatwick Hotel has long been considered one of Australia’s most dangerous boarding houses. The walls of the hotel have seen four homicides in the past decade alone, with the 64-room building amassing a reputation over time for consistent reported drug abuse and violence.


Its purpose was a simple one: to provide shelter and beds for up to 90 people who cannot find somewhere of their own to stay.

In October of last year year, The Age reported that over the last five years incidents reported to police include murder, rape, ­aggravated burglary, firearms offences, stabbings, bashings, and a string of fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses.

Before Channel 9 took over, nearly 100 people were housed at the hotel, meaning they very quickly forced to find a new place to live.

“It’s a very old building and it wasn’t in the best condition,” he said. “What we are planning to do with the building requires a lot of structural integrity work.”

However, the Herald Sun reported at the time a deal was struck the show would work with the owners of the hotel to ensure the residents find accommodation before the kicked to the curb.

According to Domain, construction at the building has already begun begun, with scaffolding erected around the building’s facade and part of its street frontage boarded up.

Work could finally begin after Port Phillip council carefully considered six different objections to Channel 9’s application to redevelop the building, giving the show the go ahead in the last month.

The Block’s executive producer Julian Cress told Domain his team would ensure unique parts of the hotel would be maintained.

“We have been working very closely with the council and with our own heritage consultants to ensure that we maintain the unique and iconic heritage elements of the existing building,” he said.

Interestingly, it’s believed the hotel will be transformed into eight luxury apartments, raising questions as to how many contestants the show will introduce. In part seasons, there hasn’t been more than five couples compete.

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