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With just nine words, The Block's Scott Cam has landed himself in a spot of trouble.

One line during last night’s final of The Block has seen host Scott Cam accused of ‘casual sexism’.

The 55-year-old host made a remark to contestants Bianca Chatfield and Carla Dziwoki during their live auction.

As their apartment reached a bid of $2,982,500, Scott joked: "Not bad for a couple of single girls, aye!"

The Block fans on Twitter leaped on the comment, labelling it sexist.


Still, while his words were a little poorly chosen, we have no doubt Scott did not intend to cause offence.

Bianca and Carla's north-facing penthouse sold for $2,991,000, taking home a profit of $301,000.

The show's 'villains' Sara and Hayden took the top spot on the show, walking away with a $545,000 profit.

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