The most controversial part of Ronnie and Georgia's home has been changed by new owners.

“Here’s the deal with ours – you’re going to love it, or you’re going to hate it.”

That’s what The Block contestant Georgia Caceres had to say about her and partner Ronnie’s controversial decision to paint the facade of their home charcoal grey during last year’s season.

Turns out, the people who ended up buying the property fall into the latter category, opting to repaint the entire house a much lighter shade.

Just a few months after the Elsternwick property was passed in at auction for failing to meet the reserve and later sold for $2,781,000, passers-by have noticed it’s been given a makeover.


Georgia and Ronnie were told at the time they were taking a “risk” by opting to give their home’s exterior a much darker shade than any of the others.

While the judges ultimately praised the decision at the time, it wasn’t their best reveal with the frequent top-scorers coming in fourth that week. Fans, meanwhile, were divided on the look, with many labelling it a mistake.


And while the couple might be quietly dying on the inside, they haven’t shown it, sharing an upbeat perspective on Instagram.


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“We’re obviously partial to the darker colours, a very purposeful design choice that not only divided the judges but it would seem the public too!”

“Here’s the thing peeps, different strokes for different folks. Imagine how boring life would be if we all loved the same things.

“What’s most important here is that the new owners are loving their Block home and if that means painting the front facade to suit their specific tastes, then so be it.”

What do you think? Do you like the original look or the new owners’ better?

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