The Block room reveal recap: 'These two need to sit down and rethink who they are.'

Hello, friends.

It’s living and dining room week and THANK GOD because if we had to sit through another bedroom renovation I’d put my head through a freshly wallpapered wall.

It’s also the week that nearly broke Sticks and Wombat and please judges no. Be kind to them. These two are our country’s chosen ones. I know they’d eat timber for dinner if it was an option but just… be nice, okay?

Make no mistake: These two are national treasures.

Speaking of Sticks and Wombat...

Sticks and Wombat, 20/30

I can't bring myself to recap what the judges said about the boys' room, so instead I'll just give you the quotes and you guys can make your own mind up:

  • On the boxy things surrounding the TV: “They look like ugly and complicated Tetris pieces which don’t really fit.”

  • On the furniture:  “They need to take these couches back and they need to redesign their furniture layout.”

  • On the full room: "This room is totally lacking in any warmth. It has no soul.”

  • On their design skills: “I want to shake them and say stop.”

  • On their... personalities: “[They need to] sit down and rethink who they are and bring it all together."

Brutal. For what it's worth (I am a non-interior designer, non-aesthetically gifted writer person) I thought it was cool.

Click through to see Sticks and Wombat's living and dining room...

Hannah and Clint: 23.5/30

These two probably headed in the wrong direction when, after the judges and hosts and producers told them to do an "open plan room", Hannah and Clint said, "Nah mates. We're gonna put a big ass dividing wall in our room instead."

Oh... um... ok?

Maybe - just maybe - that was where those 6.5 points were deducted. I'm not quite sure.

Regardless, the room made Le Vogue Man feel "strangely disconnected" which... isn't a good sign.

Click through to see Hannah and Clint's living and dining room...

Sarah and Jason, 26.5/30

OK so these two give us an adorable family moment every bloody episode. Normally, it's the delightful mushy stuff that comes out of Jason's gob. But this week?

It's this, you guys. It's this.


Their room was fab, but the judges had one big gripe: the feature light didn't align with the dining table. Dun dun dunnnnn!


Click through to see Sarah and Jason's living and dining room...

Elyse and Josh: 29.5/30

As per usual, Elyse and Josh knocked this one out of the effing park. Some people might begrudge me for saying they got 29.5, because technically this room got 28.5 and had a point added for some stupid challenge in week three that I don't care to remember.

As opposed to Sticks and Wombat's room, the judges also deemed this living area as "having a soul". Cool.

Sure, they may have cheated the system and used tools after dark (much, much after dark... at like 11pm), but who cares? They're pretty to look at and I'm sure the good people of Elsternwick would understand.

Click through to see Elyse and Josh's living and dining room...

Ronnie and Georgia: 29.5/30

These two finished their room approximately a week before the challenge even began, so spent the entire time being TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FINE AND AT EASE with the fact that their fellow contestants called them cheaters. Which, well...........

They did cheat. Kinda. Or, at the very least, infringe an obscure interior design copyright law.

Go on, shoot me.

They also bounced back like pros from last week's "this mirror belongs on the set of Aladdin" fiasco. Because of course they did.

Click through to see Ronnie and Georgia's living and dining room...

See you next week, pals! Fingers are tightly crossed we get kitchen week soon...

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