The Block finale: Someone went home rich. Someone went home in debt.

Does anyone else have an emotional hangover this morning?

The Block Glasshouse finale happened last night, and it was pretty rough.

There was GREAT NEWS for two couples. And there was HORRIBLE, HEARTBREAKING NEWS for three couples.

Let’s start with the positive.


Shannon and Simon Vos, the hipster brothers from Coffs Harbour (who now reside in Tasmania) took home the $100,000 prize money, when their apartment sold for $1.9 million, a $335,000 profit over reserve. Simon (painter, 35) and Shannon (plumber, 28) were second in the line of auctions yesterday. “As soon as it went past $1.7m I sat back in the chair and said whatever is on top of this is cream” Simon said.

The boys took off their shirts to celebrate. Of course.

Chris and Jenna Susetio, married for four-and-a-half years, came in a close second, with a $310,000 profit over reserve, selling for $1.81 million. The Sydney couple were up first in the auction, but immediately lost the $100,000 first prize to Shannon and Simon.

It was a great result for the two teams, both walking away with huge profits in their pockets, making the twenty weeks they spent on site worthwhile. BUT…

“Hashtag awks. That was hard, you want to scream and shout, but at the same time you don’t want to look like d**ks. We were celebrating on the inside.” Simon said. Which brings us to…


All of the other couples were devastated when they made little profit on their hard work.

In third place, newlyweds Maxine Stokes and Karstan Smith made a $40,000 profit. The couple had been tipped to win by the judges, but their apartment sold for $1.71 million, leaving them in third place.

And all the tears were shed for Michael and Carlene Duffy from the Gold Coast, and Dee and Darren Jolly from Melbourne, both making only $10,000 over their reserves.


Darren & Dee, Max & Karstan, and Michael & Carlene all struggled to make a profit.

“We’re devastated,” Dee told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning. “It was a completely unexpected result for all of us. Not only did we not come away with anything but people have to understand we all put our lives on hold,” she said.


“We started filming in April, we’re in October, none of us have earnt any money. Michael and Carlene and Daz and I all have mortgages, it’s an expensive exercise to take the risk and go on that show. It’s really not a great scenario. We’re in the red from it.”

‘Hashtag Awks’ indeed. All the couples were good sports, congratulating the boys on their win. However, the emotion was showing, with even host Shelley Craft shedding tears, choking out “I don’t know what to say to you guys, I’m really sorry.”


Max and Karstan were married on the show last night. Because ENTERTAINMENT. Scott Cam himself officiated, with 40 close friends and family, and 40 crew to film it. “Scotty was typical Scotty cracking jokes, it’s rare that a celebrant gets people laughing and he certainly did,” Karstan told Woman’s Day.



To our beautiful friends who were with us along this journey. We are beyond happy stoked blessed and thrilled to win this thing but we are gutted to see such an unfair result last night. We absolutely love you guys and our worlds are a better place with you all in it… @michaelandcarlene @chrisandjenna @karstanandmaxine @DarrenAndDeanne @TheBlock9 @The_Block_News @channel9 #shannonandsimon #theblock #glasshouse #yew

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From News.com.au:

Shannon and Simon Vos (apartment sold for $1.9 million) – $335,000 profit, plus $100,000 prize money

Chris and Jenna Susetio (apartment sold for $1.81 million) – $310,000 profit

Maxine Stokes and Karstan Smith (apartment sold for 1.71) – $40,000 profit

Michael and Carlene Duffy (apartment sold for $1.39 million) – $10,000 profit

Deanne and Darren Jolly (apartment sold for $1.38 million) – $10,000 profit


The Block. Auctioning our heartstrings since 2003.

Pictures from last night’s finale:

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